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sister and brother in law big big McCain fans

This is what happened during my VIP trip to hear John McCain (a US presidential canidate.)

So here is the low down, my family was invited to hear senator McCain talk live in my town, and given VIP access.

ok, for most people that have read things that i have wrote in blogs, debate forumn ect. my family are conservative republican supporters. i however am not.  so what was i doing at a town hall meeting and why the VIP access? 

As stated above my family  strongly supports the republican party and we have friends who help organize this event.  so my family was invited and i got to go as a member of this family. 

i have to admit, i am still not sure who i will vote for this year.  sounds stange to some i'm sure, especially when i have advocated for Obama all along.

the crowd sitting behind us
  but let me say that i have always liked senator McCain, it's his VP canidate and thier platform that i have a problem voting for.  anyway back to the matter at hand.  Senator McCain came to my home town for a town hall meeting.  next thing i sould say is that Pueblo is a working class type of town and votes democratic for the most part. we have had republican candidates win here, but, most are democrates. 

so we get to the meeting and security is very tight.  there are cops secret service, ect. all over the place.  the first thing i see is a line of several hundreds of people.  this line goes on and on and on..... anyway i go to find the end only to be told i don't have to wait in line =) yes VIP has its advantages.

senator McCain
  we go to the front of the line, a older lady hears this and asks if she can say that she is with us to get in without waiting in line?  sure i say, i mean she is older then my mom or at least looks that she is, and can hardly stand and walk much less stand in a line for an hour or more.   so we go through metal detectors once inside and notice some of the things people had to get ride of prior to going in.  believe it or not we  see a pile of rocks.  ROCKs what the hell are these people thinking?  first off it is an honor to have both presidential candidates visit your city and you have some dumb asses try to ruin it.  unbelievable.   anyway we get inside and wait to see him for about two and a half hours.
  the meeting was to take place at 11:00 am but this was the same day that the house of reps were voting on the 700 billion dollar bailout.  so yes he waits until after the vote to come out. 

once out he talks about some tings that intrest me.  one is he says thanks several times for the water. (for those with no knowlege of the western US  water from the mountains in colorado flows down to arizona the state he is a senator from)  the reason this is an issue is that the newspaper stated that he wanted to renigotiate the water compact in the west if elected.   this would be very bad for my state.  secondly he talked of his war time, and made several jokes (stating that he should not be considered a hero because his jet intersepted a missle) how could you not like the guy? anyway the meeting ends after about 45 minutes and we go home and watch the news to see ourselves on TV. yes we were on both regional and national.

he is a great man and i will not be disappointed if he is elected.  and i am still not sure if i will also vote for him but it was great to see him live.

williamsworld says:
Hey, you wont do bad by voting for him. I wish I could have been there. Take care and thanks for the photos and all of him.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
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sister and brother in law 
big bi…
sister and brother in law big b…
the crowd sitting behind us
the crowd sitting behind us
senator McCain
senator McCain
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photo by: walterman9999