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If I had a dollar for every time I did this... lol

Part of business life on the road is experiencing the extraordinary.  Disasters which have affected my travel and business plans are no exception.

Here is a list of some of the more bizarre things that have set me back in the last 5 years:

1.  Bankrupted airline.  Announced while I was at the gate.

2.  Military Imposed State of Emergency - announced 15 minutes after arrival at the airport.

3.  Earthquake - In China leading to a military aid response in the affected region that stopped most economic activity.

4.  Typhoon - Spent some time hiding in an underground carpark instead of a boardroom.

5.  Organised crime - Criminal activity derailed a venture in Macau.

6.  The Olympics - Sports and business visa revokations are related.  Apparently.

7.  World Economic Crisis - Suspected cause of premature closure of discussions with some govt departments.

8.  The Pope - Not exactly befitting of the definition of 'disaster', but it led to one.  Long story, that one involved Sydney airport.

9.  Icetea's Alien Passport - that one is a looooong story.  Suffice to say, I'm the only APEC cleared passport holder that has been a Hong Kong immigration detainee.

10.  Another immigration related detention - in the middle east (country to remain unspecified).  Not for arriving without a visa mind you - but for having two visas in effect at the same time.  Apparently, that constitutes an indictable offence.  It took me several hours to explain to them that I am not in control of their administrative process.

11.  Pestilence - air travel hysteria at the height of the SARS epidemic.  It just doesn't feel good when you're the only guy on the plane without a mask on a China Southern flight.  Something about my fellow passenger's reactions made me feel like I was about to be accused of indecent exposure... (Side note:  Surgical masks - even if HEPA grade - are almost completely ineffective in protecting the wearer against virus particles as they are too small to be filtered.  Worse still, over time the surface of the mask can actually become a breeding ground for virus, increasing your exposure to a viral load over time unless the surface of the mask is a treated surface.  Although I wasn't about to explain it to the guy sweating bullets next to me any time soon).

12.  Me - have you ever woken up and decided that sleeping in was a better alternative than catching the train and going to work?  Mmmm...  well, I did that.  With a plane.

This list of force majeur events is likely to grow... so check back again soon!

Thoch says:
13.Gang warefare played out before your eyes at an domestic airport because its what they do best.
Posted on: May 07, 2011
Chokk says:
Truly jinxed!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
alicegourmet says:
Hey Dion! Thanks for letting us know which airport you're heading to...so we can avoid to have the incident! LOL! I'm kidding! :)
Posted on: Mar 07, 2009
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If I had a dollar for every time I…
If I had a dollar for every time …