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While planning this trip, I believed that I prepared myself mentally for everything that I set out to do: eating a restricted diet, spending many hours in the car, and living out of my suitcases for a few months, but I seriously failed to plan for two things:  moving, and a perfectly timed hurricane traveling northbound on I-35 as I'm heading southbound.


I have packed and moved a number of times in my life, but each and every time I move out of a place, I am dumbfounded at how much garbage I have accumulated. Also, why is that every time I move I am shocked by this happening? Shouldn't I be used to this scenario playing itself out by now? I thought that I had kept everything to an extreme minimum this time, since I was living in my friends' spare bedroom, but I think the junk fairy is sneaking in while I'm not looking because there seems to be more and more junk popping up while I'm not in the room.. I can't believe it! I have an itinerary allowing for everything I could have imagined, except for this colossal mess. Oh yeah, there is one more thing I didn't plan for.....IKE!


I have been following the last couple of storms closely because the one thing I have learned as a result of living in Florida for ten years is; meteorologist can't project where a storm is going to make landfall until a couple of days before it actually hits.  Sure we see these beautifully colored graphics predicting a hurricane's landfall from 1500 miles out, but due to the constantly changing courses, it is the first path that I use as a guide to let me know where it's NOT going to hit. The path changes all the time and nothing is different with this one.


With that being said, I was pretty sure I'd be ok in New Orleans when the early projection path had it hitting there, but what I didn't expect was to be heading straight into it while in Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Waco.  I am very much looking forward to spending a few days in these cities and I don't want to spend my time indoors or looking through the racing windshield wipers.

I debated about spending an extra day in one of my stops before Texas to wait out the storm, but the benevolent Junk Fairy convinced me it might just be better to start a day or two later than planned.

This biggest annoyance of me staying a few extra days is that the trip momentum is coming to a screeching halt. The article came out in the St. Petersburg Times on Monday, a New Orleans tv station expressed some interest shortly thereafter, and I was scheduled to meet with a TV reporter in Mobile Wednesday morning.  Well, the attention from the Times has dwindled and the meeting in Mobile is now up in the air, and the New Orleans deal is now silent too. In addition to all of the aforementioned issues, I now find myself spending money too. 

I will definitely be on the road Thursday morning. Everything is pretty much packed, I just don't want to arrive at the host's house too late at night and waiting an extra day allows me to arrive after Ike passes through.

It has been a very inauspicious beginning, but I think I saw the Junk Fairy fly away, Ike has made up his mind, and my course is now set.

Next entry will be from Mobile, I'm sure of it. 

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