Churrascarias. For those who are about to eat, we salute you.

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Now, most of you who know me know that I am fond of a good feed. dominating my caveman style diet is a steady influx of meat. I like to think that I celebrate mans place at the top of the foodchain by eating other slower, weaker or stupider animals, such as cows, lambs, chickens, turkeys, camels, crocodiles and vegetarians.

Now, imagine my delight when I am introduced to a Brasillian institution; the churrascaria.

The way it works is this: you pay a set fee (the very expensive ones charge up to 30 real, about AU$19) and you get a plate. You also get chips, calamari, bread, and various other antipasto on the table. You are also allowed to take from the sumptuous buffet/salad bar. this usually consists of salad, suchi, loads of various other wonderful treats. Beer is cheap and plentiful. every time you finish a glass, a phalanx of waiters fight to get another bottle. But the kicker, the one detail that places this place in my eating hall of fame is the meat.

INstead of adding to the buffet, the waiters come out with skewers of all types of meat and proceed to carve you off a portion if you wish.

You set yourself up with a smattering of salad, some delicious fresh sushi and them its time for the carnivore special!

The waiters come by with chorizo, rack of lamb, beef ribs with cheese segments grilled in, chicken glazed with honey and various other dishes, all fresh form the spit!

I´m in Heaven, and saying "Yes" more oftewn than a drunk 18 year old girl on prom night!

Eventually, the waiters don´t even bother asking, they just put a portion on my plate automatically as they go by, exchaning looks of "That damn gringo is going to drive us broke!"

I´m only eating once a day in Rio now. Seriously. I feel like the epitome of gluttony. I walk in, gain 10kg of animal flesh and leave. a few hours later I leave a dump that a rhino would be proud of in the bathroom and promptly get accused of having used biological warfare by Cassie, only to repeat the whole procedure once again.

I´m loving life here. Cassie has taken to wearing a gas mask, but it could be the 'in' think this year. The main streets stink anyway. loads of what cass calls "Street wee".

Anyway, that´s a whole other story.

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