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Never try to check into a hostel on New Year's Day.  We were staying at Villa Don Julian.  It was owned by this guy from France.  He was awesome but checking in was a little difficult.  It wasn't a hotel of sorts.  It was his house and he rented out the rooms.  It was cheap clean and convenient.  Perfect for the backpacker.  He had a separate refridgerator for the house guests and we were allowed to use his kitchen on the condition that we cleaned after ourselves.  He also let us use his computer which had internet access.  For the price it was a steal.  Finding him on new year's day was difficult it took us about 45 minutes to find him in the house.  Then the rooms weren't ready so we again decided to go to the beach to kill some time.  Villa Don Julian was a 4 minute walk to the beach.  Maybe less than that.  There were shops and restaurants everywhere.  There was also a grocery store not far either so that we could stock the fridge so that we didn't have to eat out as much.  There is a cafe that I would highly recommend called L'Espresso.  The owner is so nice and the food was excellent.  Especially the breakfast.  Staying at Don Julian's was one of the best experiences because the other people who were staying there would go outside to the patio and hang out and talk about their travels and sharing travel tips and where to go and not to go. 
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Jason and Elodie at Don Julains
Jason and Elodie at Don Julain's
Erica and Tina on the beach in Pla…
Erica and Tina on the beach in Pl…