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Not quite all weeek more 4 days but believe me that was long enough! Although it was a lot of fun it was a totally tourist orientated place and after the relative shelter of our truck and out-of-the-way places we felt like this was a bit of a intrusion and the mix of auzzies and americans trawling over everything and thinking they were seeing "real" africa it was a bit of a culture shock.

However, the first night there we did an interactive druming session, now as most of you know Aaron is one of the most musical people I know and I (to put it bluntly) have the musical ability opf a peanut! But dispite this chasm in differences of ability it was a great night, we all got our own drum and the guys taught us some simple rythms and then built us up. All this was under the stars by a huge log fire and the river (Zambize) in the background. Followed by a traditional supper. The one thing i have nboticed is no matter where you go in Africa a traditional supper is the same ( I have had one in 5 different countries and there is very little difference). The following day we got up late and wandered round town for a while (being accousted every 5 mins by a man wanting to sell us something at the "time of day" price) we got the most expensive wimpy of our lives (a 2 course dinner with wine acouple of nights later cost us less) and generally relaxed. That night we had the booze cruise, it was a gental trip down the river with as much as you can drink thrown in. It started a 4.30 and finished by 7, so we worked out that to get our monies worth we had to have one drink every 10 mins which we tried to do. Aaron and I went through 3 and a bit bottles of red and took the rest of the 4th bottle with us.

(am running out of internet time so will finish this entry later polely (sorry))

We are back (both in the sense to finish this and the other entries and alos in the country!!! There is a very good reason for us being quite soooooo far behind in our blog and that is......we were enjoying ourselves so much that we forgot to and had no time to write about it so I appologise for the delay but not the reason for it!). Anyway if you are all sitting comfortably I will continue with the story.

Once we got back to our camp site, more than half cut and it was still only 7pm we continued to drink like it was still free! This resulted in a night time dip in the pool for all of us fully clothed, followed by our belief that we were acomplished water acrobats and so a series of hand stands, standing on each others shoulders and see-saw with a cannooe and a person standing either end till it either sank or you fell off folowed. The owner would have turned white at the thought of the law suit which could have followed. While this was a great idea at the time, it was very cold that even and as we all sat around wet and cold playing drinking games later, a couple of people began to feel decidely unwell (nothign to do with the alcohol consumed of course).

The following day was the "adreniline" day, a day full of death-defyign activies based on high things over a gorge. Now anyone that knows me also knows i am mortally afraid of hights so there was nothing in this world that would make me go even near these acivites and instead i was named official photographer of the day and set about looking like a japanese tourist with 5 cameras round my neck hoping that I was taking photo's of the right person with the right camera. Aaron on the other hand joined in whole heartedly and did all manner of exciting things, like absailing and a flying fox however even his nerve failed at the sight of the 52m free fall gorge swing. Over all though it was an amazing day to watch and for everyone else it looked like an exhilerating day (although not all had enjoyment on their faces all the time).

The following day another one of our number left us, tanya you will always be remembered (especially by the boys) and in comiseration of this we went out to thebest dinner we'd had in africa at that point. A lovely resturant which served ostrich, warthog and crocodile amoungst the more everyday items. These were obviously tried by everyone and also a sample of the local wines had to be used to compliment the meal.

The following day we walked to and around Victoria Falls, if you ever get the chance that is somewhere that you should go. There is no surprise to me that it is one of the natural wonders of the world I have very few words to describe its awe inspiring excellence but 100 photo's and an image in my mind that I will be babbling about in my wheel chair in my old peoples home. We got back from there very wet and very happy, had a few drinks (again i hear you cry) and went to bed reasonably early as we had to be away very early the next morning to go to the next country on the agenda....Botswana

Julie63 says:
Hi Denise and Aaron. I just wanted to post a comment here today, because I know you arrived at Victoria falls today (and you are going to be there all week!!) Thinking about you every day. Miss you lots but love you more (if thats possible). Mum xxx
Posted on: Apr 22, 2007
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Victoria Falls
photo by: Biedjee