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Ok - so white water rafting - a fun outdoor activity for all the family?! Not on your life!!!! After our "safety briefing" (all of 3 mins) we were on the water in inflatable rubber dingeys (like you get for 5 pounds at the beach). One practice capsize later and we were off. Needless to say that at this point my (Denise's) confidence was not registering very highly, but that was nothing compared to the fear factor that took over about 5 mins later. We did a few small rapids then went straight into the big ones all of them registering between 4 and 5 (with the odd 3). Aaron took to it naturally, thanks to his upper body strength and a fearlessness which i believe borders on psychotic!! (no jealousy there at all!)

We flipped a couple of times and while exhilerating was also flipping scary!!!!! I thought my arms had been pulled out of their sockets at one point and the inability to breathe was a tad disturbing. Also as we began our adventure at the beginning of the River Nile there was the added "bonus" of considering the local residents (Nile crocodiles!!!) but luckily none of them were receiving people that day, so all was good.

I soon succumbed to the pressure of being unable to breathe and then being stuck under the boat and therefore hung up my paddle and enjoyed the rest of the ride from the "saftey boat". With a nice man who thought he was funny by informing me that he was just back from 2 weeks off due to maleria and so wasn't sure if he would keep the boat upright!!!! Aaron on the other hand stuck it out all the way, in true Indiana Jones style and was one of the last men standing (or paddling). On the last (very scary to watch let alone run rapid) his was the only boat not to flip and they actually paddled back in there to have another go!!!! (see definitely something wrong in the head!!!).

We got back to our campsite though very sore and in a lot of pain as sunburn was not the word (even the mosquito's didn't want to eat me i was so "well done"). Dont worry though we have a DVD of the day and so you can ALL watch it and I can point out me!  The next day we were too burnt to do anything other than sit around and recover even though we had planned to help out a school by painting the walls. We were very upset that we couldn't help out but the blisters won through on that one, (thanx to Doxycycline and its ablity to increase your skins photosensitivity). BUt a days rest and we were ready to get back on the truck and continue our travels!

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photo by: vickie-lou