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Diamonds!!!! (oh how little we knew when we wrote that!)

Just one night here and we didn't go on the river or do much, we spent the night by the river, our tents facing on to it. The campsite was lovely with a bar and pool table, Aaron's and my winning streak from Swakamond didn't last (nothing to do with all that cidar) but we had a great night anyway. Certain members of the group had begun to get quite irritating by this point with their faddy food tastes and constant complaining, but you have to just ignor these things.

We did have a visitor in the night, thanks to Sam telling Nick the wrong tent on purpose and he pretty much leaped into the sleeping bags with us!!! But it was all sorted out adn much laughing (or giggling) could be heard between the tents.

That was the last night of one of the group cooking, I dont remember what we had on the actual last night but that nice we had cabonnara made by Aaron and Nick (the next night was supposed to be Sam, Steve and I again but Chris nicely said he would do it instead). The next morning we were off to our last night in a tent and the excitement of getting close to Stallenbosh (and the wine!!).

It is quite a distence to drive all the way down the side of South Africa nad so we reached our finial campsite quite late, it was also the site of the best hot springs I have ever seen. We pulled up and put our tents up first the toilets were across the road and by this little stream, sort of hidden in the foliage, but htey were proer toilets with running water and everything. Then it was quickly grab our swim stuff and head up to the springs. I have to describe it. You walk for quite a way up this road (and it is going up hill) and the firt thing you see is a modern building, that has the resturant in it. Then to the left is a door way in a wall, when you go through it there is a large pool infront of you, it is full fo cold water (not heated at all) and it is a good job we were warned about this! This entire area is walled ina nd looks a bit like you would imagin roman baths to look all white marble but not new there is ivy creapign up the walls and flowers - it is liek stepping into the past. At the other end of the pool there are two doorways int he wall that lead you into the hot spring pool area (complete with old fashioned roman style changing rooms) and benches if you wanted to sit around and watch others bath (god knows why you would do this). Once in the water is like bath water and you can slowly swim to one end take a breather and then swim back and sit on the ledge in the water relaxing.this is what we did for a good hour. To begin with it was just Aaron, Chris and I there but then with much shouting and splashing the boys arrived and everythign always becomes more lively then. Marina and Phill were there too and we all sat around chatting for a while. We discovered that Nick is very religious attends Lourdes every year and volunteers with his loacal church youth group (he really doesn't seem the type).

After that we have a drink (or two ) in the bar and part of us couldn't be bothered to go back and cook (even though Chris was doing it) and there was great looking chocolate cake in a dessert section! We did end up going back to the tents and enjoying quite a few bottles of wine and our last night by the fire. We took full advantage of this to have our last toasted marshmallows (Aaron managed to burn his face on the skewer) chat lots and sing along to the guitar. then we all went back to our last night in the tents.

In the morning we woke up to much clearing up, a guitar that had been left out in the wet all night (oops) and the last time of taking down our tents. It was a very sad occassion of me and we took some photo's of us with it (we didn't use the same one for the whole trip but we did use it for the last bit of it) and we named him Anon (as he is our anonomus third person). All packed up and off to the next we were driving we were coming through the mist and saw all the tree's below us it was stunning and a picture I can see now (more than a year and half later) but couldn't describe it to you if I wanted to.

Julie63 says:
hello lovely people. Only nine days left now until I see you again and I am counting down every minute of it. How come the last few days seem to take the longest! I shall miss not reading about your adventures but this will be overshadowed by having you home again and seeing all the photos. England is very wet and rainy at the moment so it will be a real climate shock for you. Can't wait til next staurday but meanwhile, enjoy the last few days of your adventure (and if you find a little diamond and fancy bringing it home to me, I don't mind. Lve you both lots. See you soon. Mum X Hades XX and Harry XXX
Posted on: May 17, 2007
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photo by: valerie