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The Big Five!

Ok - its the night before we leave for the 11 week trip of Africa. I am full of every takeaway under the sun (I like the "saying goodbye" dinners!! ;-)), I have said godbye to just about everyone, I never want to see another needle again and I have fitted 11 weeks worth of things into my not-so-big rucksack (well maybe not). So all that is left is to post one last message on here to say good bye to you all and to promise to write things on here and e-mail whenever i see an internet cafe (so Cape town it will be then!!!).

At the moment I am feeling very calm and after the hecic month I have just had I think this trip is well deserved and I cant wait to get on that plane tomorrow. I dont think where we are going and how long for will truely settle in untill I have seen my first wild animal and used my first "long drop" toilet (both the extreamly good and the VERY bad). Everyone keeps asking what I will mss the most so here is a quick list:

Food - Med/Rare Steak Person - Mum/Harry/Hades Item - my pillow (easy one) Treat - Chocolate (anytype its all good) Everyday thing - a bath (or the ability to feel clean). At the end of the trip we will see if these pridictions are right.

I have found a passage written by and Australian which I think will sum up exactly how I will feel by halfway through this trip (maybe I will try and express it in my own words at the end, but i dont think I could do as good a job as this guy)

"I loved Capetown before I even got there. It was probably about day 40 of my African safari that I started to fall in love with the place even though over 1000 kms and a border crossing separated us. I loved Capetown for perhaps all the wrong reasons but I started to dream about it and when I was awake I day dreamed about it.....the reasons were possibly rather fickle but than again after 45 days I couldn't give a toss. I love Capetown because.....

They have toilets there that flush, have soap dispensors and a hand drier...I love Capetown because I don't have to squat behind a twig in the middle of a flat desert, I love Capetown because I can go to a toilet without peeing on my feet..... getting heat stroke from squatting in 50 degree heat....or flashing a village of masai tribesman herding goats.... I love Capetown because there is no such thing as a long drop and you can retrieve items such as room keys and sunglasses if they accidently fall in.....

I love Capetown because they have beds to stay in and the luxary of sharing a dorm room with 12 males who have been out on the grog all night, had some sort of garlic dish for dinner and then all suffering from flatulance of a diabolical degree is actually an upgrade......I love Capetown because I don't have to erect my sleeping arrangements with a hammer or worry about what type of animal may get into my tent and poison me.....I love Capetown because when I do stay in a bed I stay in the one spot....I don't slide all over the place in my silk lined sleep sheet inside the sleeping bag on top of a sleep mat and wonder why i wake up at the bottom of the tent....

I love Capetown because a herd of elephants will not walk through your campsite away from the roar of lions and jackels will not steal your flip flops....I love Capetown because there are no malaria carrying mosquitos or scorpions in your backpack...I love Capetown because they don't have frogs, millapeades or spiders in the showers...and they have hot taps!

I love Capetown because for lunch I don't have to have a salad sandwhich with what the africans like to call "meat", with bread that is half toasted by the time you get to eat it, and I don't have to flap my dishes dry....I love Capetown because there are drinks other than Coke and Orange Fanta and beers other than "Castle"....I love Capetown becase they have coffee served with fresh milk not UHT or powerded....I love Capetown because for breakfast there is yougart and muesli instead of warm UHT milk and non name cornflakes....I love Capetown because they have different food on the menu rather than the animals you have spent the last 10 hours taking photos of!

So you can see why I loved Capetown.... of couse it's one of the best cities in the world because everyone who does an overland safari can't wait to get there....they love it before they even arrive!!!"

So when you are all enjoying the everyday things in life think of me and all that I am "enduring" ;-) and while I am treking gorillas, walking with Lions and swimming with elephants I will be sure to spare a thought for you!

I miss you all already and I'm sorry if I missed out any goodbyes. Loads of love and untill the next update...

....hasta lluego amigos!



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The Big Five!
The Big Five!
photo by: Denise