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After leaving the Chobe River still with the image of large heards of drinking elephants in our minds, we continued through Botswana - the ninth country of our trip in just eight weeks. To think that the end is only three weeks away is starting to make us a little sad, but we are conscious not to spoil the remainder of the journey by thinking of going home just yet!!

Botswana is a clever country. Some time ago, they found a large count of diamonds in the land. These have now all gone, however, the Government at the time ploughed all the profits from diamond sales back into the country's infrastructure - education, health, transport, etc. As a result, a country that many consider to be third-world is now very very prosperous. Clean, modern and friendly, this is a nice place. Bostwana is doing well for itself!

We stayed for four nights in a campsite on the edge of the Okavango Delta - a river system flowing North to South from Angola, fed by its annual floodwaters. The delta flows away into the dry Bostwana mainland, with no definite end point. This year, Angola had a good wet season, but the waters had not reached far enough south so the Delta was at a very low level. The option to take dugout canoes into the Delta for three days (camping two nights on islands in the Delta) was still offered, but we opted to stay behind at the camp. This was a welcome break of the stresses and strains within the group, and we were able to get some welcome rest, pop into town to stock up on supplies and visit the on-site crocodile farm (where they breed, raise and sell crocodiles by the thousand). Another lovely campsite location, much of our time was spent in the bar dangling our feet in the cool pool water as we sipped on ice-cold cider in the midday African heat. Another good chance to get some washing done by the local women (and the first wash for our pillows since we started the journey!) and powerful hot showers - some of the most simple things in life can be very welcome at times!

We did see the Delta during our stay, electing to take a 45-minute scenic flight over the Delta Marshlands at 500ft. This was another great experience to see the winding rivers flowing through the dry mainland, seeing elephant, buffalo and giraffe from the sky (how many people can say they have looked DOWN on a giraffe?!?!).

From here we would head towards Namibia.


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photo by: Biedjee