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Our Beloved Hades!

Well, here we are... after months of preparation, dozens of injections, several shopping trips and our first two Malaria Tablets, we are now in the final hours of preparation before the trip begins!!

Spending the night at our respective parents' houses, our "taxis" will be leaving for Heathrow at 0600, which gives me.....ow.....5 hours' sleep! That's more than last night as we were packing until late and didn't get to bed until 0230.

Now, according to the experts, I'm supposed to take these Malaria tablets with food and water. This was all going fine for the first tablet, but this evening's effort somehow managed to span over 4 hours between the "eating of dinner" and the "taking of tablet". Needless to say, it has reacted with my stomach and I'm now ill before I've even left the country. Magic. "Dr Julie" has prescribed milk and dry bread, which seems to be doing the trick, since I'm now able to sit up and have enough co-ordination to type this journal entry!

Who's idea was this holiday again?


So, as everyone keeps asking, "are you nervous"? Well, if truth be known, yes! Not so much about the trip, but more about what I've left behind! 23Kg really isn't all that much when you're travelling for 77 days. Still, I have a passport and money - anything else we can buy when we get there!

The last day at work today was wonderful - the usual M25 slog at 0715, followed by a lovely 2-hour crawl home, resulting in us driving past eachother as Denise left the flat just as I was arriving. Still, lunch was good - a nice Indian with the lads from work (possibly my last decent meal until June!) and lots of handshaking and statements such as "all the best" and "keep in touch". I'm going to the jungle - how good do you think the T-Mobile signal is out there? I can't even stay on a call when driving down the M4, so what hope is there in the middle of the Masai Mara!!

Ok - so its now 0040 on Friday 9th March... we're going to Africa TODAY! It seems like yesterday that we were booking flights and telling people about our plans - then suddenly here we are. But for all the nerves, milk and dry bread and general emotion, this will still be the trip of a lifetime and we are both looking forward to every part of it! We've even packed our Red Noses and Comic Relief T-Shirts to wear next weekend.

News from the Tour Operator today is that there is a wedding this weekend at the lodge we are staying at (Karen Camp), so it could be a very cultural welcome to Africa! Added to the fact that the Zambezi has burst its banks and flooded half the campsites around Victoria Falls ... I'm sure it will all be bone-dry by the time we arrive, but it sure does sound interesting out there!

Well I had better sign off now, otherwise the laptop battery will give up on me and this will never be read!


We will miss you all, families and friends, and of course Hades, our beautiful black Labrador Retriever (see - I'm learning about dogs too)!


Please please PLEASE keep in touch with us through the message board, and we will try to update this blog whenever possible to keep you informed of our progress.

Signing off from the UK for the last time for 77 days...

Rule Britannia! Bring on Africa!



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Our Beloved Hades!
Our Beloved Hades!
Hemel Hempstead
photo by: Denise