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A quick over night stop here to see some people who do amazing work with cheeters. In Namibia cheeters are allowed to be shot like vermin as they will kill all a farmers live stock not just what they need to survive (ring any bells of a small red creature which we have in England). So instead of killing them the farmers call this family up and they come a capture the animal and put it in an enclosure where currently they have 18 cheeters. It is only 3km square, this is not good as cheeters are known for being lone animals and normally have territories which are far bigger then the enclosure which they have. In addition to the 18 fully grown rescued wild cheeters. They have a mother and three cubs and three tame cheeters which live in the house.

When we first got to the park we went straight into the house and saw the tame cheeters, they are far taller than you imagin, but very skinny. They pur and lick your hands like regualr house cats, also if you are allergic to house cats then you will also be allergic to cheeters as their fur is of the same consistency. We went into the house and stroke them and petted them, they were very friendly and seemed to enjoy al the fuss, while we were there the owners fed them. If we were in any doubt before hand about the fact that these were wild and powerful animals then that doubt vanished instantly. They have huge teeth and massive claws.

After seeing them we went to the campsite put up our tent and then went to see the real wild cheeters, as soon as we entered the compound we were surrounded by cheeters. We drove around for a while in the back of a flat bed truck gathering "followers" looking for dinner. Once we had the whole crowd (and the obligitory magic african stick) we started to throw bits of donkey to them. They run and leap for the food and fight over bits of meet. It was very interesting to watch and see the way this lone animal reacts when forced to be in a group. From here there was dinner and then we went tothe bar to "support the animals" as every penny that was taken over the bar goes towards the up keep of the cheeters, in addition to drinking lots, we also bought a T-shirt and put some money into the tin on the counter. It was the wierdest bar I have ever been in (including the one where there were t-shirts all over the wall) as the lights kept turning on and off, there were elephant ears and a trunk on the wall and all mannor of other bizzar things. We played killer and pool and then went to that place of the very cold (as we are now near enough to the desert for it to be VERY cold at night) bed.

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photo by: marg_eric