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Off we go on the road again, another destination is ours to view!

Fish river canyon, there are no fish or a river for that matter but again it is like something out of this world. When we got to the entrence to the national park there was a large droup of germans who were planning to trek through the canyon for five days and we gave them a lift in to the park, to the point where they can desend to the bottom of it. They were so greatful that they gave us all beers and taught us German drinking songs which I have now forgotten! Apparently, due to the wear and tear onthe canyon they only allow so many trips per year (i think it was 200) and you need to book months in advance to go. No one is allowed down there without permission as there is no drinkable water down there (it all looks like muddy puddles from up here) and so they need to know when you are due to come out of there and where so they can make sure you are safe and if not send in the search parties. All of a sudden you realise how dangerous these things are and how something you wouldn't think twice about can actually be very dangerous.

We had lunch at a view point looking into the canyon, it was a selection of cheese and crackers (yum yum) and Chris actually got a bird to eat out of his hand! There was lots of talk about uni days and all the things we got up to - I felt a bit bad for Aaron, studying while at home is not always the best thing to do.

We then went to another less well known view point and just sat around looking out at the view. The colours in the rocks were amazing and you can see the millions of years before your eyes.

Then we left and went to a hot spa on the way to the next destination. It was a huge swmming pool that looked really dirty and was only half filled with water, that was coming out of a tube. It was really warm (you couldn't swim in it as you were too warm) but it was very dirty and you could see the bits floating in it. We didn't stay there for very long, just long enough to have a quick dip, say we'd done it and grab and icce cream and then we were off to the next place.

That night we stopped at a lovely campsite on the edge of a river, I am begining to notice that everything is becoming much greener again as we have left the dessert behind us and our now heaading back towards civalisation. I am over whelemed with sadness t the tought of going home and really dont want to even go to SA with it's telly's and mod cons let alone England.

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