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After leaving Vic Falls at an ungodley hour in the morning with sick all over our seat (thanks Nick ;0)) thanks to a BIG night the night before which included Sam wondering throught the bar naked looking for his clothes!!! We were on the road AGAIN. This time to another country Botswana and a new set of activities...

We arrived at Chobe National Park and half the group jumped straight off the truck adn went on a game drive. A couple of us wanted a break from the driving and had volunteered to make the picnic lunch for the evening. We went into town and I promptley bought a pack of rolls for some hungry looking dogs wondering around in the street. However when we got to the tills they had been chased away by the locals, this was a bit upsetting to me and my love of all things with 4 legs. But we did a big shop which included getting cake for dessert that day (a big treat on the truck) and a quick stop at the internet cafe. We then went to a cash adn carry type place a bought enough milk cerals etc to last for the rest of the trip (warm long life milk is disgusting by the way). Then back to the camp site and cooking 4 different types of pasta, preparing a  selection of cold meats and cheeses and boild eggs for that evenings feast!!!

The evenings activity, one which we all looked forward to due to the amount of hype it was given by Chris our guide, was a sunset cruise down the chobe river to see the wild life. As we went on our way on a small falt barge type craft the first animal that we saw was a hippo wallowing in the water having his own dinner and making a lot of noise in the process. After taking a couple of mins to get this chaps picture (we dont spend any real length of time watching the animals as it can be considered upsetting for them). then we saw some beautiful birds and a buffelow and monkey sitting together. Then the most amazing sight stuck us constently for the next hour and a half. Elephants hundreds of them all coming down to the river to drink and the smaller ones to play. the banks of the river were lined with more elepants than we could count. Of all sizes and shapes, some rolled in the mud and the littles ones ran around. Our cameras didn't stop snapping as we floated pass and they didn't even seem to notice our presence. Then as the sun was begining to set a shape emerged from the water and there was a huge bull elephant SWIMMING along!!! He swam straight pass us and came up on the bank on the other side. Apparently many people who visit Africa never get to see this amazing sight and its a shame that they dont. The worlds largest land animal going for a dip at sunset with the light reflecting off the water around him and off the animal himself, I think everyone held their breath in awe for a moment, it is another sight that i will never forget.

When we got back to the campsite most of the group went off to the bar for a few drinks, but Arron, Sam, Nick and I sat around a camp fire (after spending 10 mins searching for fire wood - my contribution was a few mear twigs! Which reinforces my belief that women are not equipt to go wondering off in the dark (which is scary) so search for bits of wood) toasting marshmellows and talking about random things. Although it was pitch black it was not even 9 o'clock (the sun sets at 6.30-7ish in Africa) but bed beckoned after another long day and we were back on the truck tomorrow.

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