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Before making our way to Cape Cross and teh seals we spent one night at a half way spot called Spitzcoft (wrong spelling) it was an amazing an beutiful place, a national park with no animals set on the very edge of the dessert. There are hugh rock like mountains/hills, where supposedly leopards hid in the caves (although there was still no sign of the elusive animal). The truck was parked under an over hanging rock and as were got there with plenty of time, i practiced my guitar playing skills, some of the lads read book and Aaron went hiking up a sheer rock face. Just before sunset the whole group walked to the top of a near by large (although not too large) rock and watched the sunset with a few beers and so good conversation!! We have no photo's of this sunset and, dare i say it, it made the expierence even better. As we sat and relaxed and enjoyed the moment instead of trying to capture it (along with the other 200 photo's of sunsets we have).

That night we sat round the campfire, eating the ton of meat Nick and Aaron had cooked for us again and have a few to drink. Aaron, Nick, steve and I were the last ones left up chatting rubbish about childhoods and remembering stories from home. All in all a good night.

I got up early in the morning and watched the sun rise from a slightly smaller rock which i climbed all on my own. The peacefulness was amazing and if i sat still enough the birds came so close to me. There was one scary point when i thought I heard a snake in the growth around my rock, but he didn't show himself so all was well. Aaron joined me after a while and we watched the sky turn the most amazing shade of blue and the sun hit the sides of the rock and warm up the desert. It went from being very cold to so warm in half and hour. Another morning of putting down tents and we were off. After having to push start the truck thanks to our 2 in the morning conversation with the lights on!!!!

From there we drove all the way throught the desert and hit the west coast of africa (we had been from coast to coast in 4/5 weeks!!!). And made our way towards the seals and (as we soon found out) the worst smell ever to have hit my nostrils for a prolonged period of time. There were over 50,000 seals on the one beach and they reanged from 4 months old (just starting to go out and swim) to the big old ones who climb over the others to get to where they want to go. We saw the littles ones feeding, some fights and them curling up together, the way that they play in and out of the waves in indescribable, you see these huge waves (as the water was very rough that day) and these tiny creatures leaping over them and through them, it is truely like "poetry in motion" they have so much strength. I couldn't help but draw a lot of likenesses between them and dogs, there is something in their movements, mannerisums and the face that made me see why people  refer to them as the dogs of the sea. Despite my best efforts aaron would not let me bring one home, so he is the reason Hades doesn't have a little brother or sister!!!!

There was also a big monument there (a cross hence the name) where the first portugese sailor had landed and claimed the land in the name of their king! Very Interesting!!!

From there we set off for the promised land - Swakamound - where there would be no tents, no cooking and a proper toilet garenteed!!!! (You cannot imagin our excitement)

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Cape Cross
photo by: Biedjee