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Green creater lake

I have a new found respect for hippos! Even though they kept Aaron awake all night the first night and they are rather "large" animals you can not see one when they are eating grass meters from you!!!!! The campsite while basic (another set of long drops) was in a perfect position as the hippos come and graze there in the evenings and it was full of little monkeys (that are damn clever and are intent on stealing anything and everything that they can get their paws on).

Our first day there we went on a "Game Walk" in a totally safe spot with no major predators (so i wasn't going to be eaten by Lions mum). We walked amongst Giraffe, zebra, antelope and warthogs. Then we went up to the Crater Lake which is a bright green colour due to all the algae from the sulpher in the water, as it used to be an active volcano.

Jetti in the middle of the creater lake and us!
The view was amazing and the difference in landscapes from the dry grass below to the lush greeness of the crater was a definite contrast. Then we walked to a spot where all the local women do their washing while the men go out and catch fish, it is also a popular place for hippos to come during the day, but we only managed to see their eye's and ears over the top of the water. We had lunch here of fresh fish and then carried on walking up the hill to a local "village".  

This was an amazing and very real expierence. Less of a village and more of a shanty town the dirty and rubbish everywhere that the children play in and the animals eat out of is at first shocking. Built on the edge of a hill because no one else can or wants to use the land it is a very insular area, which is self sufficient with shops for everything that they need.

Small child at the school we helped out at with the bottle tops that are used for counting!!!
Whilst there we visited a local school, a house (terreced 6ft by 8ft rooms) and a local "business" which was a woman selling illegal alcohol from her room, to support a 2 month old baby which was covered in flies and no one paid any attention to while we were there. The mother seemed overjoyed when asked about the child and cointinued to talk about her for a while once we had shown some interest.

We can both say that this place affected us and so other than handing out sweets to all children that we saw, we arranged to go back to the school the next day to help out.

We returned to the school with a football. an assortment of writing and colouring pencils and some sweets for the children there. The teachers were very accomodating and we spent the first hour playing games and singing songs with them.

The village streets
Then we got to sit in on their lessons and when given the chance help out a little (although we may have disrupted more than helped!!!) The children love the digital cameras and to see themselves back on the screen. All to soon it was time for thier afternoon nap and for us to say good bye (although we were invited back). It was a very tiring morning but well worth it and an expierence not to be forgotten.

We spent 45 mins that night hippo shadow watching but to no real avail and so got to bed early (again!!!) and there was another day on the road planned for the next day.

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Green creater lake
Green creater lake
Jetti in the middle of the creater…
Jetti in the middle of the create…
Small child at the school we helpe…
Small child at the school we help…
The village streets
The village streets
photo by: Paulovic