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View from the hotel veranda
The flight from Pattaya took about 12 hours, including the 2 hours of wait before it took of. The whole night passed, and I managed to see 5 movies, and one documentary in that time. I have´nt watched any TV for over 5 months, so that felt kinda good actually ! and all the movies were new, and fun ones...unlike the in-flight magazine.
So I was up all night, but when I came to Turkey the night was just starting ! time travel is such good fun! I was forced to pay the visa for Turkey at 20€, just to go there for half a night sleep.
The worst was that the airline would´nt let me stay there for a day or two to roam about in Istanbul. Yes, I have been there before...

Will never forget the summer of 2003 when i travelled throughout every corner of turkey, and the middle-east.....Drinking beer on the roof of my hostel with some cool people, listening to the screams from the hundreds of mosques fill the hot city air is one of my best memories. The hostel was just 5 minutes from the blue mosque, where carpet sellers were using every trick in the book to sucker in some stupid tourist. I´ve seen all the sights, and enjoyed this big city haven before...but I really would have like to enjoy it again. Eating the great turkish food in a night stall, tasitng the little spicy cookies while bartering for gold in the zouk.
Going to the island outside of Istanbul is something I really would reccomend to anyone. A day trip to get away from the city onto a quiet beach that you can actually have to yourself. And the hustle of the city is fast forgotten when strolling through the island village.

The airline provided me with a hotel, which was about 15 minutes from the blue mosque. Because of all the bureacracy I did´nt get my room until 04 in the morning. The price of the room was 235€ with breakfast. This is a pretty crazy price I thought...what ever happened to the super cheap Turkey that I knew and loved ?
The room was fairly basic as well, it did´nt even remotely compete to my hotel in Bangkok, which was priced at less than 50€. 
I got up at 08 and had a really nice turkish breakfast with feta cheeze and olives and much more good stuff. Then it was back to the airport for my flight for Budapest.
Stigen says: last I got back to cold old UK now , freezing my butt off..
Posted on: Dec 06, 2008
bernard69 says:
Welcome on European board,Stig!I'm happy for you:)
Posted on: Dec 06, 2008
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View from the hotel veranda
View from the hotel veranda
photo by: Memo