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So on the 25th. of november I arrived on the Bangkok airport around 21.00. There was nothing much going on there, no indication on what there was to come. I had heard that there some protests going on in Bangkok, but did'nt think much of it, as there's always some protests there. On the bus on the way from the airport I saw that the road into the airport was blocked for many kilometers of cars and people.
Not long after I left the airport terminal it was occupied.

It was'nt until the day after that the harsh reality hit me. I started to realize that I might not get back, and the thought alone was horrific.
I went out of my way to find out where my airlines office in Budapest was, and went there. They were of absolutely no help. All the lady kept saying was " I'm sorry". I called my insurance company, and they would'nt pay for me to take a flight from another city, and I can't afford to pay 1000 euro for this now. They would only do this if there is a danger to my health, and I told them that i feel really unsafe here(not true) because of all the bombings going on...but it did'nt help that i felt unsafe, as long as the embassy had'nt posted any warnings.

I am in a place now where I am totally helpless, can't do anything. Of all the airports in the world, of all the days - my airport had to be occupied on the day I was going back, just typically my luck. I truly truly hate those protesters. I am starting to realize now that I won't be able to get back to my graduation.

I have visualized my graduation so many times during the 5,5 years of my studies. I have put so much hard work into finishing those studies, and this would mark the final closure, the only act of recognition the school would ever give me ;wearing robes and a hat, and getting my diploma from the Dean. It would be a final time with my classmates over these years, and a final goodbye. It would be quality time with my family, and my girlfriend who are all staying at a luxurious spa hotel in Budapest. They are currently waiting for me there now...and here I am.
It is horrible. It hurts more then anything. I'm still in denial, unrealistically hoping that all the 10000 protesters will pack up tonight and go find a more constructive hobby then to wreck peoples lives.
If I were to get a flight tonight I could still go to the graduation dinner. But it's not gonna happen. I feel so horrible...this was my moment of glory...taken away...and the worst is when I'm watching the protesters on televison sitting laughing and drinking around the airport... I detest them!

I want to cry more then anything. But I don't , I'm still a man.


Joeri_M says:
Oh yeah, smile is for the fact you keep it real. Not cos I think it's funny since it's not ;(
Posted on: Dec 02, 2008
Joeri_M says:
So stupid :( They could just block the guy they want to quit from leaving the airport instead of troubling others too.
Posted on: Dec 02, 2008
aiohdmg says:
I am sorry to hear that too. (T T)
Posted on: Nov 27, 2008
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