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I went into Bangkok and found a cheap place to stay close to Khao San road. I went out drinking and met a swedish guy, a veeery original and strange guy. He was in his early fourtiees, wearing a leather west; a bikers west , and his body was covered in tattoes... I got a little one of my own after some consideration.....a little devil..
We were sitting on the sidewalk on Khao San while he was waiting for an artist to draw a picture of one of his 2 thai wives (not to be confused with his thai girlfriend). I think he had a good deal of money, he kept buying me beers and booze all night! we hung out there until 03.00 when he decided we should go to some expensive club far out of town. I was falling asleep as it was, and there I found myself in the taxi with him on the way to the other side of town (I thought the club was just round the corner). So first it was this club called Spice located in a parking garage! there he bought a bottle of whisky for us, and he had two big security guards with him... I did'nt feel too safe when I was hanging out with this biker who needed bodyguards to go to a club, but it was funny still!
When this place closed at 04, his friend(supposedly not another girlfriend) who we met on the club took us to another club called lucky. The girls there were a bit too pushy on us poor western guys, so I convinced him to take a taxi with me to go back. Afterwards he was giving me the full respect, even learning me his gangs signs. I got his phone number, and if I were to get in any trouble him and his gang of 50 bikers would come to the rescue within minutes...nice to know...
The day after I was intending to do a lot of shopping, so I went to MKB of course and spent the most of my day there, buying all sorts of clothes, even dresses (not for me) for the first time ever.

So I'm still Bangkok..The riddiculuos demonstration caused me to loose my graduation that I have been looking forward too for years. I'm reading the news now, and it seems like there is a total standstill on the situation on the airport. I don't think I will get back before far into next week...

So Last night I decided to give myself a treat and upgraded my hotel(and doubled the price to 450 baht) by moving to Rambuttri inn where they have a rooftop swimming pool. I spend most my days in the sun at the pool reading and swimming. It is nice enough, but it is'nt where I want to be anymore, I want to be home ! When I got back to my room after the pool there was a note on my door. The national tv station in norway (NRK) wanted to interview me about the situation....but I did'nt do it. Did'nt want to share my frustration with one million people, and also beeing on TV makes me nervous.
I went to the Norwegian embassy, as they had some kind of information meeting today. I knew they would'nt be able to help me, but at least I would meet some other norwegians, and hopefully they would feed me some nice hotel food !
When I got there they did'nt have any snacks(bummer!) ,and they were just answering these obvious questions from other people. I learned something useful though ; Thailand would cover my hotel, and i could chose from a list of luxurious hotels. But they were;nt in Khao San road, and that's were all the fun is ! and anyway I've already paid my hotel...I'll see tomorrow if I bother to upgrade to these luxurious resorts for free!


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