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One of many sunsets

So yet another time I turned around in my own footsteps, as I discovered that i had passed a place on my road which was worth visiting. My plan was to go fro Georgetown and down south to some small island on the west coast(staying away from the east coast where the monsoon is...that sucks..).
Then I met a guy in Georgetown that had been there and said it was boring, and Langkawi was then a few hours later I was on the boat for Langkawi.... :)

The boat times where at 8:15 and pretty bad. I managed to get up though, and went to a local street vendor for breakfast. I did'nt know the name of the common malaysian breakfast so i just said " please give me breakfast" . Then I got a plate with chilli chicken in sauce and rice.

at the raggae beach bar with some people there
..he he...pretty strange breakfast!

The boat trip took 2,5 hours, and when getting there I found a taxi driver and managed to find 2 other lone travellers to share it with. I ended up staying at the same place as Ulrika from Sweden, which was the Shirin guesthouse. That has been a great place to stay, we even got a welcome beer when we arrived...that's my kind of welcome !
I would reccomend this place, as it turned out to be pretty much the best place on the island to meet other backpackers. We met a dutch and a german girl that we ended up spending a lot of time with. The biggest problem here is the couple running it. They are super nice to all the travellers, but really mean to eachother.  They are constantly fighting, and most of the time where everyone can see and hear them. The cozy atmosphere we had when sitting there drinking beers and playing cards was kind of put off.

At the beach at the nothern part of the island

When i first walked down to the beach I knew in a heartbeat that i would certainly stay here muuuch longer than planned....and I did...
I shall have to skip Tama Neagra and the Cameroon higlands and go straight to Kuala Lumpur after this place..if I can ever get myself to leave.

The beaches are like taken out of another world...blazing white sands, leaning palm trees everywhere, water at 30 C++, amazing weather, Beers on the beach.... does'nt get much better.      GO TO LANGKAWI !

The party was'nt too much though, but i was'nt expecting too much either as it is a muslim country. the beers are cheaper here than anywhere in Malaysia, but still quite expensive when bought from the pub. There is the reggae bar that has live reggae music every night, but it's just a lot of people sitting there and chilling out. Then there is one club 20 minutes away where there supposedly is some dancing, but i did'nt go there yet...later...

aiohdmg says:
I hv been backpacked from BKK to Singapore by land and also hv been drop my feet at George town! Agee !! IT's quite boring in Goegoe Town, so lucky u to change the direction to Langkawi!
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
sleepingsunshine says:
Hey Stig, the chili chicken and rice thingy is call nasi lemak in Malaysia, a very popular dish. And yep, we have rice for breakfast, and other stuffs that are rich in carbohydrates :)
Posted on: Nov 21, 2008
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One of many sunsets
One of many sunsets
at the raggae beach bar with some …
at the raggae beach bar with some…
At the beach at the nothern part o…
At the beach at the nothern part …
At reggae bar drinking
At reggae bar drinking
At beach drinking a bear at the le…
At beach drinking a bear at the l…
evening coming
evening coming
sun sets
sun sets
photo by: iramalama