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Entry to my university

In Budapest..planning my moves for my trip. Just finished my last exam yesterday, and is now fiiiiinally a certified, bonified Veterinary doctor. These next weeks of travelling is gonna give me a much needed relief from studying, and from anything really. A lot of things that needs to be done now before going.. Some days ago i had to look through the whole city to find a proper place for vaccinations. Wasn`t quite sure how many i should get, so i just got just about everything they had :)  that is typhus,diphteria,hepatitis A+B, Tetanus, and Polio. It was expensive, but probably a good idea...Only thing missing now is the rabies vaccine ! although i think i will wait with that one, just hope the dogs I will be dealing with shows classical enough signs for me to recognize and keep my distance.

Classical view from Margit bridge

Next now for me is to go and buy a backpack and a sleeping bag. Having backpacked the Middle East for 6 months in 2003 I fortunately know how important it is to not bring along to much shit. Last time I was travelling I had a 100 L backpack stuffed with every useless thing i could bring, except for a sleeping bag of course. Wich meant that I wuld have to sleep in the half dirty sheets of many a crummy hotel in turkey,syria and the other countries. This time I`m buying a nifty little 45 liter bag, and bringing an absolute minimum of clothes. I can always buy clothes in Thailand if i should need something special (assuming that they have my size there....: The bag will be light enough for me to take as a handluggage on the plane...or so is the plan at least..

Another thing I`ve been thinking about is to buy one of those mini-laptops/netbooks. That would be great to bring i would think. It would provide me with a good source of entertainment as i would stuff it full with movies, and it would be great to be able to use my own machine for wireles internet hook-ups , if there are any such places in Thailand. It can also be used as a communication device,as there is both camera and microphone in it. This would be good for me to be able to talk to people at hme and to write here in my first-ever blog :)

Now i`m going to go to the Cambodian embassy here in Budapest to see if i can get a Visum in 2 days.

grabovich says:
Hello Dear Stig,
how are U?
Congrats on your successful completion of your studies in Budapest!
I would like to ask for your advice.
We are going to Thailand this week /22nd of Nov/, and after Bangkok we plan to leave for a few days to Angkor Wat, via land. As I hear, it is not so easy... The official bus is slow and stops at every corner, the train leaves at 5 am in the early morning hours... But I have heard of shared van service to Aranyaprathet and shared cabs to go from there to Siem Reap. Any competitive ideas you might have, is gravely appreciated :o)! We - with my girlfriend - will be in Bangkok from the 23rd to 26th of Nov., perhaps have a few hours to spare to give us ideas what to see besides the Grand Palace?
ciao, all the best
Gabor Ruszkai
Budapest, Hungary
Posted on: Nov 16, 2008
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Entry to my university
Entry to my university
Classical view from Margit bridge
Classical view from Margit bridge
Sepia of the sun reflection from t…
Sepia of the sun reflection from …
parliament, and castle
parliament, and castle
photo by: Chokk