A palace, a princess without the tiara, gorgeous lighting......action!

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that long piece of material is an example of a batik piece, and that woodie thing I have no idea wot it is, but its pretty dont you think?
OK the 'princess without the tiara' part is just there becoz i seriously dont know wot to put there.haha yes typical

Arghhhh Surakarta is not part of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta....or is it now?I will still insist its part of Central Java, aniwae

Oh yea...this entry has nothing to do with food....*the event has something to do with food tho*

Aniwae*Dont you think i used up all my 'aniwae' allowed card?hahaha i know i know thats totally outta point*, when I was in Solo, there was this exhibition in conjunction with the world heritage cities conference, and this exhibition took place in mangkunegaran palace.
thats a pair of traditional javanese err couple *statues?* complete with their wedding attire
Mangkunegaran palace is the smaller err palace there are in Surakarta *which i will still insist is not..'is not i repeat' part of Daerah Istimewa Jogjakarta...sigh*. And me personally think that its the prettier one actually *ok...i have this thing of liking the less big....less strong...less everything kinda thing...Its just the soft hearted me* but other than that its just a short walking distance away from my parents' place in Surakarta *Ok I am guilty of using 'Surakarta' and 'Solo' subsequently without actually saying thats Solo is shortie for Surakarta, I would just expect everyone knowing that...lol...thats just me, Oblivious is my middle name*

Ok back to the story, sooooo yeah *where was I?* yes the exhibition, basically there were stalls and quarters and corners where people from all over the countries *normally traditional artsie craftie traders* sold some err stuff?I am not exactly into this kinda thing.
its called 'gunungan' *which direct translation I believe is err mountain?* I dont know why
But my mom is. *a lil bit some useless info, my mom is a sorta passionate batik collector 'on my bad day i ll just say she is crazy about batik, but that will be some un-nice thing to say about your mom right?' so yea she is into this kinda exhibition, where she can spend the whole day talking to different batik craftsmen about the technique they use in making the batik piece, the colouring, and the drying stuff...which believe it or not after spending some times accompanying her doing her stuff (read talking about batik) trust me you ll pick bits and pieces of useless information about batik*

So yea while she was having a blast stopping at different stalls and talking to different people, I just wandered around, taking some more useless pictures *trust me i took loads....maybe the number of pictures I put up here doesnt really do it justice, but I did.
some artsie craft
.you just have to take my word for it..haha*, but as usual, the easily intrigued and amused me, would just stop at the view of something I dont normally find on my normal day, like i would just stop half zoning out at the sight of a gong..yess a gong..*For those who dont know wot gong is, its this musical instrument, part of the gamelan ensemble, which is made of bronze or some other metalic stuff but I ll say its bronze '??haha', and you basically hit it real hard so that it makes that 'gong' sound' pretty interesting stuff, it normally is used to note the end of err a phase in traditional javanese/ balinese musical number*

Aniwae, yes so my mom spent most of her time talking to those batik craftsmen, and occasionally bought some batik pieces, while moi just wandered around, taking pictures, and basically zoned out at the sight of something beautiful.

A real good sober night I would say. haha

song of the moment: because I got high by afroman *why?I dont know, haha*

p.s.Am so sorry, thats wot happened when your mind wanders a lot, you get easily side-tracked.....just like me

p.p.s this was my last night in Solo, that explains my mom's frantic *batik* shopping...Coz by the time she'd back in Solo, the exhibition would be over. And yea dont you think its a nice ending to my stay in Solo *this time round*
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that long piece of material is an …
that long piece of material is an…
thats a pair of traditional javane…
thats a pair of traditional javan…
its called gunungan *which direc…
its called 'gunungan' *which dire…
some artsie craft
some artsie craft
oh foodie
oh foodie
some more foodie
some more foodie
and another one
and another one
Ok its a container full of water a…
Ok its a container full of water …
Thats the gong i was talking about
Thats the gong i was talking about
uh oh parang sounds better than …
uh oh 'parang' sounds better than…
some more food stall
some more food stall
photo by: herman_munster