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me think thats my singapore-jakarta plane
On my last leg home....*not exactly last.....* but yea.....for this trecherous connecting flightS........i must say i feel glad that its gonna be over in few hours.....

Blood shot eyed....and approximately 24 hours without sleep...definitely drained all the energy i have left to even feel remotely dissapointed....*i just want my gigantic lippie pillow to cuddle with...*

i knowwwww its my fault i didnt want to do direct flight to jakarta.....i knowwww its my fault getting too excited so i couldnt sleep at all *AT ALL!!!!*

but it aint my fault *I dont know when i started using 'aint' instead of 'isnt' i found it a lil bit disturbing tho* that my flight from sydney to singapore was delayed *yea imagine sitting on yer ass for 2 hours in immobiled plane....IMMOBILED...i know....if there is even such word* (I know 'stationery' does a better job at explaining wot 'immobiled' would convey, aniwae)

and it aint my fault that frigging sydney airport doesnt have smoking deck or lounge or corner...or wotever.....and its bloody know....indo hot???*

and it aint my fault that i gotta eat mashed sweet potato TWICE! and another meal with pumpkin ravioli in it *I KNOW.....PUMPKIN WOT??* and the fact that the other meal choice was lamb......*dude...tari doesnt eat red meat REMEMBER??*

but yea....i hope i wont be too jetlagged for my 2 weeks in paradise

so on that note....tari's signing out....

song of the moment: call me irresponsible by michael buble 
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me think thats my singapore-jakart…
me think thats my singapore-jakar…
dont you love changi airport?
dont you love changi airport?