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Two weeks in Indonesia went by like a flash. It was a real good short trip home. I felt a lil bit sad that I was leaving *just a tad*, a sight of my teary-eyed mom *normally* is enough to make me bawl like a baby, but this time round I made sure that no bawling was involved *I did get pretty teary, but thats it, which was pretty good considering its me*, after going through check in, immigration, and spending Rp11,000 for a small bottle of evian at the only cafe inside the international terminal that has a smoking lounge, wait thats the only smoking lounge there was in the whole terminal *wot happened to the other, I dont know, still me thought it was a rip of, but I did need my nicotine hit, so yeh I thought its only fair*, going thru another carry-on luggage x-ray thing, and went thru the gate, I finally got to my seat.

Normally this would be the time I'll flick thru the in-flight magazine, and then dozed off, becoz thats wot I do on a plane normally, trust me you ll hardly see me fully awake when the plane is taking off, no am not scared of the whole taking off experience, It is just something that comes naturally.
But not this time round, I was actually thinking, remembering, and as usual questioning my sanity. Why? Because I was actually going to Singapore, and staying there for couple of days. For normal people its a totally normal thing. But for me, its a lil bit overwhelming, considering my relationship with SIngapore *dont worry it wouldnt be those confessional kinda entry, maybe it would, but I'll try not to make it sounds so dreadful, do I make any sense?* Its like planning to go out on a platonic err appointment with your ex, which you had a real passionate relationship but ended oh so badly? Aniwae the damage is done, arrangements were already made, promises to see some of old friends were already said. Yeh, if all's going from bad to worse, I cud always blame it to the hot weather clouding my judgement...*this rambling starts making nooo sense.*

Aniwae, Singapore for me can be explained in 3 different words: booze, virginia slims, and drama. Loads of drama. I dont know, its just that only in singapore that it seemed like I always attracted problems/drama. Not just mine, but other people's too. just like black hole you see. *and thru out my stay in singapore this time round I believe that some things just dont change, like my ability to create/attract dramatic experiences*

With all those thought running thru my mind, I didnt even realise that the plane was descending. And after those hassle free immigration and luggage conveyer belt thing, I called kash. I was bunking in at her place on my stay this time. But a pity that she and her bf already made some weekend getaway plan for that weekend.

No matter. After getting her address and got into a cab. I started calling people to a) just be annoying and b)tell them that the most lovable and adorable *thats a lil bit puking inducing dont you think?* me was back in town for a short while with the emphasis on 'short'. Ah the bliss of hearing those half shout in joy that people uttered upon hearing that news. Even the sight of Singapore flyer that I promised myself to ogle on and to make sure i ll take a giddy ride on *just to justify my newly 'tourist in singapore' title, kinda got side-tracked (read. went un-noticed) which was surprising, coz its huge and it fills the empty space just when you passed suntec city which I used to fix my gaze on while taking the cab ride to town.

So yea, after making 2 back to back appointments*wot to say, time was precious*, paying the 'uncle' aka the taxi driver, then trying to find the elevator that actually went to every floor, finally home *at least for the next 4 days*. After loads of hugs, and some mumbling of 'good to see you again!!' and some gossiping. We made our way downtown. Her to pick up the boyfriend and then catch a ferry down to bintan, and me to get to harry's *the bar* at boat quay to meet regi.*And let the booze-fest began!!*

So here is the catch. If you ever stayed in singapore for a period of time, you ll know how many harry's bar there are*well maybe not how many exactly, but you know that there are at least half a dozen of them scattered around singapore*. and apparently there are two harry's around the raffles place mrt station, after making me wait for 45 mins, regi actually got himself into the other harry's bar *very very neat*. took him another 15 mins to sprint *or so I told him to* to finally get to the right harry's bar where I ve already half into my second GnT.*yes people, second one, I ll stop counting soon*

After exchanging hello, and hugs, and stories *short version ones, with promise to meet later that week to actually share more*, and another 2 Gnt for me and maybe 2 glasses of wine for him *am sorry, I dont count how many drinks other people have.....thats just rude, haha*we parted ways. He had some gala dinner to attend, and i had another 15 mins to spare to actually make my way to clarke quay, on foot *laced with high heels....why did I leve my flatties at home????*But suddenly it all came back to me *the ability to run in 3 inches high heels which i thought I already forgot about*, I was practically grinning ear to ear.

Time to meet nate, he was my clubbing buddy. Planned to meet in front of le Noir, this half posh bar along clarke quay. 10 mins past 8, I suddenly had a hunch that he would be late too, men....they just took forever *haha...I know this isnt true for most case...but yeh, aniwae*. I made my way to le Noir. decided to sit outside, for the breeze and for the smoking quarter, and before long he finally made it. 30 mins late *wot is it with these guys?* after letting me finish sipping on my drinks, we made our way to pump room. The whole 'its been ages since we saw each other' cycle started all over again. And some rounds of drinks later, *with occasional tequila shots in between*, and some trips to the dance floor, I decided calling it a night. I swear I saw this sneer coming up on his face. He was like 'its just past midnight, and you want to go home??chicken!!* or something like that. ha, this time round that kinda emotional blackmail just wouldnt do me. Plus I drank enough spirit to actually harm my liver *yea yea wots new*. After waving my good bye, and half muttering 'shud do lunch sometimes this week' i boarded my cab, and made my way home.

Boy, cant wait to feel the hangover tomorrow morning.....

all in all a very productive day, remembering I only got to singapore at 1PM,
serangoon garden food court char kwee tiaw checked,
old chang kee chicken wing checked,
booze checked *and loads of them*,
my first virginia slims light menthol pack...checked,
boat quay and clarke quay....checked...

well done tari....*yea..you think?* even tho i havent even thought about singapore flyer....

song of the moment: bruises by chairlift

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