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yep, thats the one. The capital city of Indonesia is constantly smoggy, and yesssss you can be sure that there is traffic jam everywhere at any time. Sounds like a real good place to come and visit eh?*yesss my 1st 'eh' in the whole home trip blog*

anyway. Jakarta is a good place to shop, i ll admit it, I can be a shopaholic where its appropriate to be one, just like in Jakarta. So this is the summary of things I did on my 4 days, 3 nights stay in Jakarta

Monday (27 Oct 2008)
Took the early morning Sriwijaya air flight from Solo to Jakarta. And then straight to Mangga Dua with mom to do some shopping *major one of course*. Got myself some new dresses *have I said anything about my dress obsession? I am guilty as charged.
..haha,* aniwae other than that, some tee, and yes a bottle of flower by kenzo *very neat*
Before long it was time to hit the road to pick my dad up *trust me with the kinda traffic you ll get in Jakarta, make sure you ll give yourself an hour to 2 hours to get anywhere in the city.... better be early than super late, Am I correct?*
Then it was Abuba for dinner. Its some flashy *yet cheap-ish* steak place thats just a block away from my parents' place in Jakarta *super neat*

Tuesday (28 Oct 2008)
Some more shopping * I know bare with me*, this time it was tanah abang and then Pasaraya grande. Some more clothes *my excuse would be i hardly shopped for clothes in Auckland!!* and some shoes. Yess shoes...*and this would be the time I started wondering whether my luggage will be over the limit or not..but need not to be worried, it wouldnt be, yours truly is pretty good at packing.

Wednesday (29 Oct 2008)
Didnt do anything much during the day. But dad took us to bandar jakarta for dinner. Boy, I was in heaven *review's coming*

and yea i would be all packed up tomorrow and yes once again leaving on the plane *i ll leave the 'jet' out, coz that will be cheesey as, and I dont like things that are errr cheesey as*

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