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along the wharf

No wonder they call it the windy city...the wind never stops! It's still cloudy today and was drizzing a little in the morning. I'm hoping it clears up cause I want to ride the little cable car up the hill, but the view would be a lot better if it were sunny! The national museum is down here and it's HUGE!!! but I spent quite a bit of time in there. I basically just walked around the down all morning. Wellington is much cuter than feels more like a little city than a suburb. It has a few cute little "malls" (walkways) that have stores and restaurants...and it's a lot more compact than Auckland. Everything is walkable...there's a lot of buses though I guess for the suburbs. Wellington's right on the water as well, all the way at the bottom of the North Island.

fun art
Most likely the city I'd come back to stay in...job depending. My original plan of working in a cafe seems a little more daunting now...they call everything by different names, I have no idea what they're saying to me. Even when I go into Starbucks...there's no tall, grande, venti... and I think coffee with milk is a "flat white" but I'm not sure. There's a "short white" and a "long white" also...and then I go to Starbucks and ask for a large regular coffee they ask me something that I can never understand...and there's no skim milk for coffee anywhere....and while I've been told they're quite keen on coffee, the crap tasts like water, yes, even the Starbucks coffee.

I walked into a couple of the clothing stores today. I feel so grungy in my jeans and shirts while everyone else is so dressed up...the women all wear heels and are dressed very European....and leggings leggings everywhere! It's ridiculous!! Clothes are SOO expensive here. I want to go shopping so bad, but I can barely fit all the crap I brought with me in my backpack... the internet costs an arm and a leg (and I'm running out of money already haha), I gotta use it for a productive reason and look up some job info before I hit the road again, down to the South Island, on Thursday morning.


marksreynolds says:
Leggings, yes I noticed that is a big trend in Sweden too. I felt like I was back in the 80's :)
Posted on: Jun 10, 2009
northlight says:
I lived in Wellington when I waz in New Zealand on my working holiday visa - its a great place to live! you'll get used to the different names they have for coffee(i thought it was a good place for drinking coffee personally but i never went to starbucks so i can't comment on that!)
Posted on: Apr 11, 2009
talllady6 says:
Enjoying your descriptions & pix! What an incredibly beautiful place! Good pic, Lovely!
Posted on: Mar 24, 2009
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along the wharf
along the wharf
fun art
fun art
photo by: Ils1976