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i think the sign explains it all

Before she enters the Octagon she's Princess Street, but after the block-long ride she becomes a he. On the otherside she's George Street.

Well I found free internet at the public just can't access your email and I can't upload photos on here either...bummer, but at least I can type for free. Might just have to wait for a HUGE influx of photos when I get back to Auckland and join the world of the wireless again. Ah, luxury.

Dunedin (Dun EE din: all the towns are pronounced quite differently than I originally thought) is one of the four most populated cities in NZ...I think. A lot of the cities look quite similar, scattered on a hillside are the houses, then down in the valley are the shops, bars, cafes, and backpackers.

There's a lot of chain stores out here which repeat themselves throughout the country (and a few American chains as well...the most popular being Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King and Subway...with the occasional KFC). Sometimes it doesn't always feel like you're someplace new because the stores (clothing usually are the big chains) are the same, making the towns look the same as well. The towns that have unique offerings stand out more Aucklands SkyTower, Wellingtons walking malls and cable car, and Queenstowns gondola. I'm excited to see Christchurch (NZs most English town) as they have a trolly car that goes around the city. Dunedin apparantly is very Scottish...and they have the home of Cadbury Chocolates. The town centre is situated around an octagon shape with mostly cafes surrounding it and offshoots of stores going up and down the main road (Princess and George).
They do have a few beautiful old buildings to come later when technology befriends me again.

I've been finding it very hard not to buy clothes or food (like eating out food). I've been good with the lack of clothing shopping..not so good with the muffins and ice cream. At least each time I buy one (muffins OR ice cream) I try a new flavor. Hocky Pocky is the famous NZ flavor...oh my god is it sweet. I think it's mainly vanilla with some sort of toffee crunch stuff. I think once was enough. My next splurge will have to be a much needed haircut... then maybe a few fun purchases with my first paycheck...if/when I finally get a job...waiting for Greenpeace to call me back...and with free internet at the moment I'll do some more email isn't free.

Off to Lake Tekapo tomorrow morning!


talllady6 says:
Discipline is the mother of necessity.... Did somebody say that or did I just make it up? Congrats on your control of impulses. Doubt that you'll really regret it in the longer run. Good luck with the job hunt!
Posted on: Apr 01, 2009
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i think the sign explains it all
i think the sign explains it all
views from the octagon
views from the "octagon"
photo by: crystalware