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Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't got my camera on me so I can't post up any pictures...although I haven't taken too many of Christchurch since arriving last Friday.

It's quite chilly down here, a drastic change from the sunny Sunshine Coast of Australia. For the most part it has been lovely fall weather down here with pretty leaves and smells of fireplaces. It's raining today, however.

Things seem to be settling in and I'm quite confidant I can make this work. I was supposed to start work at a hostel the other day, but after half day of training with this woman I realized it was definitely NOT for me. She runs a very tight ship women's only hostel. It's a beautiful place, has a small garden, a stray cat, and two guinea pigs. But she's SO anal about everything and you just don't feel like you're coming home when you get back from a day I left. One of the other hostels I had originally called for work called me back and said that had something openning up next week, so I went over to meet them and they're SO friendly and far more relaxed! The hostel is a big old house and smaller little cottages out back, as well as an apartment. In total I think it holds 30 people the owner said. There's free internet (but not wireless...but the library has free wireless, so no complaints), freshly baked  bread at 8am, and a cat as well...but he's not supposed to come into the house, however last night he was chilling in the middle of the kitchen floor during dinner.

I had an interview at a busy little cafe just a 15 minute walk from the hostel yesterday. The lady said she would call me back today and if she does I'll take the job. It's an easy 3 days a week, about 19 hours I think and I'd be able to work at the hostel as well, so my paycheck will just be my mobile bill and saving for Fiji (in August I hope) and another trip probably in Jan/Feb. Keep your fingers crossed!!

I also found a yoga studio just 10 minutes up from the hostel and I went to a class yesterday, but it's Bikram yoga which is the one you do in a room heated to 105. I've never sweated so much! The heat made me feel sick though...and yoga is supposed to be relaxing! So I'm still on the hunt for a gym or yoga studio that I like and can easily get to by walking or on the free shuttle.

So if everything works out like it looks like it might, by next week I should be training both at the cafe AND at the hostel...will shortly be making money and will no longer have to pay for accomodation. Before I start working I've got to get my IRD number, which is similar to a SS#, but when you call the office it's always a 20-40 minute wait on hold...and who wants to stand in a payphone booth that long!? I guess I'll hold out today and just wait it out.

Oh, and my Australian tan is leaving and I'm not happy about that!

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photo by: Fulla