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Obviously I've been able to continue my love affair with samosas. So many ethinic places down under...i love it.

Well, I have a shit ton of pictures to upload, but this computer is ridiculously slow and I only have 10 mins left. So you might have to wait until I get back up to Auckland and get MY computer back!!

Down in Queenstown for a night. It's a big winter town down here...but it's not quite winter yet so it looks the same as other towns. Driving through NZ you really see how UNpopulated it is. Instead of seeing rows and rows of houses on the beach...you can actually see the beach, unobstructed from the road because there's nothing but grassy farm land and sheep and cows.

..cows on the beach instead of monsterous houses. It's amazing. There's so much nothingness, dotted with the random small town.

I wish I could have uploaded the pictures of the Franz Josef glacier. Climbed up that yesterday. Climbing up ice is hard! You have to keep stomping your feet so the picks dig into the ice. But the views were amazing. It's so cloudy when you're up in the mountains, yet so clear and blue when you're on the ground. You can see it so clearly while driving, how the clouds just seem to get stuck on the mountains (the Southern Alps). Apparantly that's why it rains a lot more on the west coast than the east coast, because the clouds don't make it over the mountain ranges. It hasn't rained yet though. A little drizzle when we started the hike up Franz. But I head out east tomorrow morning to Dunedin, then Lake Tekapo, then finally Christchurch for a few brief days.

I'm excited to go out and see the University of Cantabury.

Speaking of which, I met another American. She's doing her undergrad "uni" at Melbourne and says she absolutely loves it. That's good news. She'll be back there when I get over there in April, so I'll have her show me around town. I bought my ticket for Australia yesterday!!! Leaving April 8th for Melbourne...then taking until the 28th to mosey on up through Sydney, Canberra, Byron Bay, then chilling in lovely warm and sunny Brisbane for the last week.

The job search has finally moved out of the "passive" stage into the mildely taking precidence.

Let me just briefly give you a mental picture of what it's like to drive through NZ. Every hour or so you pass through a small town, all locking relatively similar to one another....the rest of the time you're crawling your way, zig zagging up the side of mountains, crossing one-lane bridges (one bridge was sharred by traffic going in either direction, along with a train.

..which got priority), or looking at specks of white on hillsides. The specks of white and SHEEP...everywhere! There's so many of them in the south island. Most of the time they're just standing around, face in the groune, butt in the air...eating away. When they're far away it looks so weird just seeing specks of white all over the face of a hill. But oh they're just so cute when you can see their faces...how could anyone eat a lamb burger??

Anyways, I'll be back in Auckland Friday morning and will be able to upload and ramble quite a bit more!


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photo by: genetravelling