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So I start training today at 1p. I've forgotten what it's like to work...to work a proper 8 hours. At the hostel "work" really consists of watching TV until someone comes to the door with a question or the phone rings or the doorbell chims and in come people looking for a bed. I'll be working at Kiwi Culture Cafe in the mall. Not sure of the hours yet, but just part time. It'll be nice to stop spending my US money. Well, not completely stop spending it...I'll use it to buy the tickets to SE Asia and Fiji, which should only be about another US$2,000 in total for both. Not too bad. All the accomodation/food/activities I'll use the rest of my NZD for. Now I should be able to come home with some money...

I'm still waiting on stupid TravelCuts, who sold me my ticket, to respond to Qantas, the airline I flew on, so I can change my departure from AKL back to JFK. Now that I have a job I think I'll stay up to 16 March 2010, which is when I have to legally leave.

Now I'm looking into some volunteer opportunities in Cambodia and Thailand. I'd like to help out at an orphanage or something in each country for about 3 weeks. I'm hoping to spend December, January, and most of February out travelling Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and maybe Bali or Brunei or Taiwan. Then in March I'll play in Fiji and the Bay of Islands in the northern tip of New Zealand. Now I just have to get through 6 months of work...haha...which seems like forever right now! Once I get Qantas to change the flight back to March 2010, then I'll purchase the tickets to SE Asia and Fiji while they're still kind of cheap. Then I've got to figure out the travel WITHIN Asia....oh so many plans...and too much time until I get to play again! Well, at least I'll be working through the winter when there's not much else to do, so that come the warm weather I'll get to frolic around in new places! 

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