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the U tampon beaver!

well...i'll be productive while I'm supposed to be on duty at the hostel. It's been a quiet night...not too many check-ins and there's no point in going out to clean until 9:30p because people make a mess and forget how to wash dishes.

OK, so we're going to have a little lesson on kiwi speak. Ordering coffee is not quite as simple as it is at home. Filtered coffee is frowned upon and relatively non-existant except for in Starbucks, but when you do go to Starbucks...like a true American...they usually have to brew the pot because no one really orders filtered coffee so you end up waiting longer than you would for a latte. But you spend less. The closest to filtered coffee would be a long black which is kind of similar to an Americano, however the water is put in first, followed by the shots. And there's no milk, but I suppose you could always add the milk yourself. Latte's exist, but a more popular drink is the flat white. In strength there's no difference between the flat white and the latte (although kiwi's claim the flat white is stronger, yet the amount of shots is equivalent to those in a latte). The flat white has slightly less foam than the latte. Really, it's just a fucking nuisance and kiwi's being kiwi's. And skim milk is trim milk and sometimes when I say skim I get soy...

a tomato is a to-MAH-to, pasta is PAH-sta, filet as in a filet of fish or chicken is pronounced with the T, cervical stresses the i as in cerv-EYE-cal, and a reciept is a docket.

(just microwaved a muffin...that's how hard I work here)

one doesn't ask to go to the bathroom here, instead one asks where the toilets are. and the rubbish is stored in the garage (garIge). If you get into an accident you go to hospital, not to THE hospital...same with "uni." One also goes on holiday rather than on A vacation.

And occasionally they feel the need to add "as" to the end of words...most popularly sweet as. Sweet as what, you never find out...it's left up to your imagination because sweet as is apparantly a complete sentence that requires no further expansion.

Oh...and their TV shows are completely awful!! Like, really really bad. And there's not much variation in commercials, so you see the same ones over and over again. My favourite :) one depicts a young woman and a beaver enjoying a day together of mani's and pedi's, lunch and drinks and flattery through gifts. They have some lovely quality time with one another and seem to uterly enjoy being together. Then the voice over says, "you only have one, treat it right" and it's an ad for tampons. I laughed quite a bit upon my first viewing of it. How lovely and secretly vulgar...it would never be on American TV.  



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the U tampon beaver!
the U tampon beaver!
photo by: Fulla