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I've found my samosas again at an organic cafe  that has so many delicious looking treats...it was hard to walk away with just one prchase. Byron Shire (as it's called in writing) is a small little hippie town that's managed to escape suburbanization and the overtaking crawl of American culture by way of McDonalds and Starbucks and Burger King (which is called Hungry Jacks in Australia, but it's the same exact menu and design and colors...yet still called Burger King in NZ). There's a very relaxed, go-green, hug-a-tree feeling about the town. Small streets that lack traffic lights, no towering hotels impedeing on the beach, and plenty of tie-died, hemp made clothing stores to spend your money. It is so quaint you can't help but fall in love with the hippiedippie lifestyle its residents have embraced.

My body is very confused and my mind very upset about the ensueing winter rather than summer. It is odd to go back in time, to go back a season. Either I know winter is coming and thus I think the fall holidays are around the corner...OR I feel as though summer is coming since it's April going on May. I've had so many moments of utter confusion on either day, time of year, or place. Without the schedule of work, school, bills, without the pressures of time and comitments, when you just get to be and do as you want it is a weird kind of freedom. It is odd and takes getting used to. You can find yourself with hours of unplanned time. You no longer have the same priorities you did at home, nor the same distractions. Being by yourself without your tried and true escapes of tv and internet you figure out what it is you really like to do because you get to do exactly that: whatever you feel like.

I love it.

Reephboy says:
i always get samosas and mimosas mixed up. you think they'd be good together?
Posted on: Sep 24, 2009
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Byron Bay
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