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The view from an observation point in upper old town.

We met him. Here in Tallinn. But I'll get  to that later...

We arrived quite early, about 10 AM local time and headed straight for our hostel aptly named 'Euphoria' as it's clearly a reference to the state of mind of the people who run it. Hippie and psycadellic were the forst two words that came into my mind when I wlaked through the door. It's an awesome place though, bery chilled as you can imagine. Tallinn isn't too busy on an early November mondya morning, quite sleep in fact, which provided us with the perfect opportunity to stroll round the Old Town, a 13th century medi-evil heart of Tallinn, very well preserved. More nooks and crannys than on Bruce Forsyth's forhead.

The Tallinn Town Hall.
We found an observation point where a local tried to sell us true Estonian Punk 'of the bestest of quality'. He was clearly getting the impression we weren't interested, and so thought Russian punk of the bestest quality would be more to our taste. Unfortunately Si and I just don't really like punk very much.

After lunch we found a sauna recommended to us by one of the guys at the hostel. 125 EEKs later and we were naked and hitting ourselves (and occassionally eachother) with small shrubs. A technique one of the locals was kind enough to explain to us used to open up the pours and provide a natural aroma. Estonians are very friendly people. It's easy to forget that most of the people we meet here will have lived through communist times, something we were reminded of as the 60 odd year old gentleman in the suana shared stories of what saunas were like before independence in between smacking a handful of water into his face to cool himself down. 'Many people would drink vodka in the sauna and get, you know, smashed' He said. 'Some men would like... to.. make the sexual actions in the sauna, Pah very silly you know?! The body is not suited for this behaviour in this conditions.'

The evening provided more entertainment. We headed out to a bar on the southeast corner of the Old Town where we picked up a few games of pool with a Dane, a German, and two Estonians, one who went by the name of 'Super Mario'. I introduced myself as Luigi but I'm afraid the humour was lost. It appeared the only think Super Mario was super at was being smashed. A few frames, and a few more beers later, we decided to head on to another bar very much tucked away off the beaten track where we met and exchanged puzzles, brainteasers and bar games with a pleasant local named Indrek. We went on somewhere els with him. On the way he wanted to share something with us:

'I don't know how to say, how to explain my position in this country... bu how do you say... I am f***ing famous' he randomly exclaimed. Me and Si burst out with laughter. It was hilarious that we'd been drinking and chatting for 2 hours and he just came out with it. Well it turns out he wasn't lying. His claim to be the most famous soap star in all of Estonia was confirmed by the bar maid in the next bar where Indrek successfully faught off female interest.

'Of course he is famous' said the barmaid. Silly us. I had my photo taken with him which was useful for further confirming his fame after we looked him up on youtube on an Estonian mobile phone advert.

All on day one. Only 16 more to go.

JeAr says:
hahaha! awesome first day out! now where's the pic of you and mr. famous?
Posted on: Nov 10, 2008
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The view from an observation point…
The view from an observation poin…
The Tallinn Town Hall.
The Tallinn Town Hall.
photo by: Chokk