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We knew it would be a long day of travelling from Vilnius to Warsaw, but we couldnt quite understand why seeing as it's only 300-400km away yet would take 9 hours. We had one change to make once we got to the boarder as the tracks used in Poland are slightly wider than those used in Lithuania.

Once we were on the Polish train we were off. Albeit with cars bombing past us at 25 miles an hour on the road that runs paralell to the tracks. At one point we came to a complete hault, and started to move backwards. Now I understood why the journey was going to take so long. If that wasn't enough, 2 hours from Warsaw some disaffected youths enter our cabin playing punk on their mobile phones and boozing.
Is their such thing as an ASBO in Poland? We got chatting to them anyway, and it turned out Tuesday was Poland's National day of Independence, I felt like Ross Kemp as they explained:

"Yes we are part of Anti-Facism Organisation. We are going to Warsaw to beat some neo-nazi scum". For the rest of the journey I sat quietly in the corner of the carriage with my iPod trying to drown out the sound of their angry music by with Norah Jones.

It turned out that this, our first real impression of the Poles, was not a fair represaentation of a nation who really are very welcoming. We spent just one night in Warsaw during which we headed to 'Club 70', a seventies themed club, with our American roomy Proven and the Canadians Jordon and the very dry Tony we'd met in Riga who we bumped into conincidently at the Hostel. Tony's sense of humour had all the ammunition it needed in what felt like a school disco - everyone was so young! It must have been under 18s or something I hadn't felt so old ever.

Warsaw was the first real big city we'd come accross with all the trademark features such as tall buildings, a huge railway station and some funkier modern architecture, a complete contrast from what was to come in it's predecessor as Poland's capital - Krakow.
JeAr says:
LMAO the train moved backwards?!? :O
Posted on: Nov 18, 2008
zoidberg61 says:
Gawd, Jase, I see English is still your second language. But we're all on a journey here ;-). Meeting those guys must have been like the Shed going to West Ham.
Posted on: Nov 15, 2008
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photo by: scarlettwitch