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My buddy Bryce and I took the 5 and a half hour trip up to Helen, GA from Savannah to check out the Oktoberfest they had going on up there.  The trip started out on the wrong foot from the get-go.  We left town about an hour off schedule, then stopped about 30 minutes into the drive for a new air filter and to fill up the tires to proper PSI for better fuel efficiency.  Which threw us off about 2 hours off schedule now.  Either way, I'm glad I was with my buddy Bryce.  We had such a blast acting up and making each other laugh the whole time neither one of us minded that we were going to miss out on 2 valuable hours of Oktoberfest time. 

So we pressed on to downtown Macon, GA where we stopped to get some Nu Way Weiner hot dogs and burgers from the original Nu Way location.

  Alway a favorite treat for me when passing through Macon.  After that we hit the interstate again and missed our exit to another interstate by about 15 miles!  We were so entrenched in our silliness and goofing off that we hadn't even realized that we were way too far north when we should have been heading east.  We headed south to hit our exit, and then carried on finally to some local highways where several times after that we missed the right or left turn and flipped the car around over and over again.  Again, I accredit the bad navigation to our goofing off and feeling that it was more important to laugh than to make it on time.  No biggie.  We had fun!

Upon checking in to the Econo Lodge in Helen, we were starving and ready to drink some beer.

  The "Festhalle" was a little further of a walk than we both had anticipated.  But at least we were in walking distance.  We made our way into the extremely crowded Festhalle and stood in a really long line to get food and beer.  Being resourceful, I held our place in line while Bryce shimmied into the much, much shorter food line and got us some hot dogs to eat while we waited to order some beer.  Before that much needed hot dog I was ready to pass out from hunger.  We had a hard time finding a place to sit in the Festhalle.  We eventually did, and had fun listening to the German polka band play covers of the chicken dance, the electric slide, and many other American dance songs as well as some German sounding drinking songs.
  Everyone was having a great time dancing, singing, and raising their glasses as we all drank together. 

The Festhalle was just one of the numerous places to wet your whistle in Helen.  It was, however, an extremely small area that had the Alpine/Bavarian look.  The rest of the small area was gift/specialty shops or restaurants.  We had a good time wandering around.  I had a great time with Bryce checking out this town, but the whole place definitely was just a big ploy for tourism and you got that vibe from it which was not a good thing.  The best way to put it was that it was a little too cheesy or "Disneyland-ish".  Regardless, we had a lot of fun.  I'm glad I gave it a shot.

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My buddy Bryce
My buddy Bryce
Too much head.
Too much head.
Main Street
Main Street
Once again my buddy Bryce and I w…
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