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5:30pm came around again, and off i go, backpack slung over one shoulder, man-bag over the other...P-Coat on my back, and my head is in the clouds again.  For those of you who keep both feet on the ground, thank you so much:  please take care of the terrestrial life for me.  For those of you who keep one foot on the ground, good for you:  you are a healthy balance between fantasy & reality.  And for those of you who fly constantly, whether teasing fate ascending and burning your wings on the sun, or falling straight down head first to kiss mother earth's butt understand the ferver and frenzy which comes with succumbing to the call of the wild.

Before we head out, we stop by the local russian bakery in South San Fransisco for a small snack: fresh homemade Pirozhki.  Ive been eating these here since 1992...well over a decade...and they have not changed one bit.  Marinated seasoned ground beef mulling with sauteed diced onions, in a spongy and fluffy breaded pocket...perfection in a stuffed baked bread.  I usually stop by here first, to have a "snack" before going next dor and eating at what i like to call, the "ghetto japanese" place, Akagi.  This has been a tradition ever since we discovered Akagi, and we actually look forward more to the apetizer than we do to the actually meal to follow hahahaha.

I have several times asked for my pirozhki to be heated, only to be snapped back at with a, "they are already warm."  Teaches me to question the good judgement of the house ^^.  Actually the owner and his wife fit the place and times perfectly, offering a rare taste of friendly and festive old world flavor.  Always cheerful and attending to your needs individually (ie. if they are not talking to you, then wait your turn, there will still be smiles left).  I have tried other offerings, the mushroom pie, the meat pie...good stuff, but pale in comparisen to pirozhki.  I will warn, the pirozhki will soak right through the bag, so eat it when it is handed to you, and have extra napkins on is oily as hell.  Im sure old world russian culinary sentiment had no place or thought for Atkins Diets and veggie burgers.  One needed the strength and resilence to wrestle hardy fare is called for!!  I grabbed a 2" slice of a butter pound cake too, with raisins and french cognac...for munching on during the flight for dessert.  Actually it turned out to be somewhat on the dry side, very akin to an italian Panettone.  The dry dusty texture complements the sweet flavor of the raisins, and is infused with the air of cognac on your sinus.  It was a nice touch after eating so much greasy food, and would have only improved as a pair with a strong dense coffee or cognac itself.  I highly recommend exploring the bakery if you are in the never know what treats you may find in the shelves.

As far as Akagi is 1992 it served "ghetto japanese" food for about $5.  As such, it was an extreme pleasure to eat when we happened to find ourselves in the neighborhood.  Now, in 2008 the same bento special costs $9, and has lost most of its appeal, save but for convenience and nostalgia.  In short, we still call it "ghetto japanese" when referring to it.  Up until we looked at the sign out front, we didnt even know what the actual name was...hahahaha!!!

Security passed without a scene, although the air stewardesses for my flight cut in line at the check through...i suppose i had no problem with letting 4 hot girls in blazing red outfits hop ahead if it meant they'd be more happy than annoyed by the time take off time came around.  Finished off my pound cake, closed my eyes, and when i opened them again, adventure had once again befallen upon my heavy eyes...i would not awaken again until late sunday evenin...(wink)!!

Biglush_23 says:
Figure ill have to circle back and add more pictures later ^^
Posted on: Oct 16, 2008
jenn79 says:
I love it - I think only NY rivals SF in terms of old world fare and character. I can't believe I"ve never had one of these with the # of Russians I went to H.S. with!!
Posted on: Oct 16, 2008
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