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Mike and NJ at the Louvre
We ate breakfast at the hotel (included, such adeal). The croissant was delicious, way better than pain au choc from day before. Then we headed for the louvre. Amazing, it is so big!!! Everything you read about the Louvre really can't do it justice. The building itself is an amazing work of art. Every angle that you look at it reveals new carvings or sculptures. The inside is also spectacular we could never hope to see it all ever. I knew it would be a long but great stay in the Louvre. We started by seeing the famous Venus de Milo sculpture which had been moved to its own room, we focused on the italian and french paintings. I was amazed at the mona lisa, although it had been built up so much, it was a bit of a let down. still great to see in person. I also enjoyed the French paintings and was amazed at the scale of some of them, taking up a whole wall! I also really liked this painting of a woman in the water, called innocent matyr I think, It was also cool to see art students set up with easels copying masterpieces. Mike really liked one of a saucy naked woman laying down with her back to the painter, peering over her shoulder. An art student was set up, copying the painting, so it was really interesting to watch for awhile. Then on to sculptures, so cool. there were so many cool ones, I really can't list them all. An old man in a fountain, a guy that looked like kelly row (yes you kelly, I will send you a pic) A baby crawling up his mom and grabbing on to her nipple. We had to giggle. so many cool ones it is hard to remember. We knew we needed a brake when I began to get pictures taken mimicing the poses in the sculptures and taking photos of sculptures who appeared to be giving us the finger. Then it was photo shoot time outside the lovre, I think I have 40 of the outside alone. Then, it was off to Notre Dam Cathedral. We walked along the river the whole way as it was way warmer than the day before. Once we got to the Notre Dame, I had to pause, Amazing! so cool to see all the gargoyles outside, worn away by time and the grime of the city. The inside was amazing, stained glass, the alter, the organ at the back, just amazing. I enjoyed the sculptures around the outside and the small scale replica of the notre dame as well. After, we went to the museum of the notre dam that was also cool, a little werid but cool. By this time we were noticing even if we attempted more that basic french, we were treated way nicer, ie de rein, cinquante deux s'il vous pliat, etc. Wandered a bit into Saint Germain....very cool area, but we were getting so tired. I got a crepe with nutella and banana and it was sooooo good. We went back to the hotel as we were exhausted for a sleep. We over slept a bit and went to get food from grocery store as we were not really hungry after the crepe. After that we headed for the arc de triumph. What a crazy traffic circle mess, it is truly amazing there are not more accidents but everyone seems to be well behaved and take their turn. We walked underneath and took some pics at the base of it. It seems it has become a war memorial for more that just napoleon, plaques were up for both world wars and another war. After that, we wandered down Champs de Elysses for a bit and tried to go to Crazy Horse for a burlesque show, but there was a private party. There was no public entry, so we walked down to the sien and took pics of the eiffel tower at night and kissed on the bridge. so romantic! It was getting chilly, really cold, (even by Canadian standards) so we went to macdonalds on champs d'elysses for a hot choc and oj to warm up. Off to much deserved bed.
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Mike and NJ at the Louvre
Mike and NJ at the Louvre
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photo by: Sweetski