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View from the second Balcony
Well, at long last I have found the time and courage to write more on this travel blog. I am sure everyone has long since given up on reading my travel ramblings, given that my last entry was in January. Once again I will try to write more on this thing as I know it is important and I like to share with you guys. So here it goes, a little eye of the tiger blasting from Cassie's laptop as I type. I can't help but remember the Tigers (way old school Sylvan, I know). Well Mike and I arrived in Paris at 1147 on the Eurostar. A short 2.5 hour journey from London, we both couldn't get over how neat it is to be in a different country so quickly over here, at home 2.5 hours gets you to Calgary (if you hurry). we managed to navigate the metro to our hotel. I only had to use a bit of my French to get us tickets, but it seemed to work. Hotel Des Artes Metro stop was right by Moulin Rouge (the Blanche stop on line two) We were both surprised at how nice our hotel was for the price. Tried to check in but we were too early, ditched our stuff at the hotel and wandered for a bit. Had a pain au chocolate just down the street from us, it was disappointing. Mike loved it. I think i have now been spoiled by villandry (the french place I worked at in London), I didn't think it was that good. Then we went to this paris style tim hortons. I got a coffe to pick me up and mike got a baguette. His baguette was amazing. So we went back to the hotel and checked into our really cute room on the top floor. I had a really cool view of rooftops around. It looked like I thought Paris should look. Decided we should start out really big and went to Eiffel Tour. It was really windy, so we could only go to the second level as the top was closed due to the winds. We got up to the second level and were met by high wind chills, felt like -15 at least! The tower was so awesome though. I loved the views out over paris, seeing how huge the city is and how different from london. After regaining some of the feeling in our fingers inside the gift shops on the second level, i braved a few more shots and then we headed down. Mental note: Visit Paris in the summer next time. We went back to the hotel to shower for the first time in days (not kidding, the shower at my place in London was broken and was only scalding cold, like ice). On the way back to the hotel, we were struck at how strange it was with everyone we passed on the street carrying a baguette (everyone). Each store on the street leading up to our hotel seemed to specialise in one item: just cheese, just seafood, just wine, just fruit and veg. The cobble stone streets leading up to our hotel and everywhere were so cool. We found a redlight district just down from the metro and Moulin Rouge. A large sex shop called SexoDrome caught our eye, definately worth a couple photos and giggles. After showering and resting, we headed out for food. Everywhere seemed to want you to get an appetiser, main and dessert! We went to a little italian/french place by our hotel and ordered a pizza and wine, he said no! Need to order more! Too small a place, need to spend more money. So we just got a salad also. but were a bit peeved when two french ladies sat beside us at the same table nonetheless and ordered just a pizza between them and no drinks! It was delicious though and the place did have character and a warm atmosphere. Went back and had wine at the wine bar across the street.
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View from the second Balcony
View from the second Balcony
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photo by: Sweetski