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Sometimes you plan things to the nth degree and everything goes wrong.  Sometimes you let things flow and things work out alright.

Morning, up early since I wanted to see the sun rise over the city that nevers sleeps.  I got to the terrace before 7 AM and no one was there.  I looked at the city slowly coming to life--it was beautiful.  I chatted with an austrailian lady for about 45 minutes--talking about our travels and our lives.  During this time we eat a little breakfast of coffee, fresh orange juice, and some danishes.  After awhile she had to leave to get some sleep.  I went downstairs to the first floor and relaxed a little.  Before I knew it--time for a shower and planning what I wanted to do for the rest of the day.


I went out and descided to copy my pictures to my jump drive.  This time I descided to walk around another street instead of going to the local internet cafe next to the hostel.  Walking down the street, I saw that it was full of musical instrument shops.  It was good to wonder.  Before going to far, I descided to head back going down a differant street.  This street was full of watches and jewerly stores.  I looked for a piece for a friend at work.  The only piece that I found was a gold piece for over $70, and my friend wanted silver--it was time to keep looking.  Turning back before Mayo I found a small internet place for under 1.5 pesos an hour.  I spent an hour copying my pictures to my spare jump drive and sending some pictures to friends.

  After what had happened in Brazil--you can guess I am a little parninoid.

Back at the hostel, it was time to put jump drive in another place. 

I was still hungery--so it was time for more breakfast.  While eating breakfast--I was joined by two of my female roommates--I called them Vamparies since they came in very late.  We talked for awhile again. 

After wasting time--just hanging out--it was time to brave BA.

The sun was out, and it was a great day to be out.   Walking the street, I saw there was something happening on 9th of July Avenue as the police had closed alot of the street to traffic.  Alas--I had places to be and things to see.  I quickly found the AA office, and guess what--it closed at 12:30 PM, it was now 1:15 PM.

  I was alittle upset with myself--but what could I do?  Time to move on. 

I then descided to go to where Evita is buried in the Recolata Cemetry.  Getting to the cemerty was pretty easy with the map that I had from the motel.  It is about 20 minutes from the central district.  There was a fair on, and I looked around for about 15 minutes.  Then it was off to find the famous lady.  Finding her was abit more difficult than I thought it would be.  I even passed it one time and did not even know that I had. I was asked by two people where was Evita, but alas--I did not know where. Only after seeing a bunch of people taking pictures did I figure out, I had found her.  Pictures taken it was time to move on.

The next stop was meant to be the Latin American Museum since I am an art lover.  The sun was shinning--it was a great day to be outside.  As I was walking, I saw a pink building--It was the National Museum of Fine Arts.  I had time on my hands--so off I went.  Once inside--I saw that was a great place to visit.  I saw some sculptures, but before I took a picture I asked.  They said no.  Sometimes--you should do and ask questions later.  But I was being a good person. 

Some of the sculptures turned out to be some works for Rodin.  I had seen alot of his works while I was in Paris in 06.  Once you have seen his work, you will recognize his work anywhere.  The way he portrays man and woman, you know his work.

  Then where some Monets and other works and I was very suprised.  The only thing that I could wish for that the museum was bigger.

Next stop--Latin American Museum.  That took some time to find--the two maps were not excatly clear as to where it was.  I walked back and fowards before I found the Spainish embassy that at least put me in the general direction.

I paid 15 pesos and then I was in. Only when I was in, did I look at the amount of money that I had.  I had approx 20 pesos and I was not certain if I had enough for taxi back since I was a little tired.  The museum itself--was too modern for me and I left after 20 minutes.  I was expecting to see more Diego Garica, but was disappointed.  The few works that they had were from around the 70s.


Looking at my map, I had a long walk back and I was not going to enjoy it. 

I descided to take Santa Fe back to Central--since it appeared to be the most direct but long route.  Just walking to Santa Fe was about a 10 minute walk.  Once on Santa Fe--I could see that I was in a differant section of town--there were supermarkets, etc.  This was where people lived.  I purchased some soda to have at least something to drink on my long walk back. 

I was presently suprised to see a metro station on Santa Fe since I was not expecting it.  Then I dug into my wallet--and what did I find but a ticket that the girl from netherlands had given me on Wednesday.  I was happy.  Six stops later I was at the Catherderal.

  I took the A Train but it went the wrong way.  It only went the wrong way for 1 stop and then went back.  The A line though was a bit older than the D line--wooden seats and I had to take a picture.  Twenty minutes after getting on the metro I was back at the Hostel. 

It was time to relax--nope.  I had deal with my ticket.  I emailed my friend in the States since they were 4 hrs behind me and asked them could they call American for me.  I waited a couple of hrs--but no response.  I tried AA website, but it would not allow me to change my reservation since it was an international trip.

Around 8 PM, I took a quick walk down Mayo and descided on a resturant for dinner.  After dinner it was back to the hostel, to further update my blog and wait for my friends.


My two european roommates were tired and made it an early night--I showered and got dressed around 11 PM, and just played around the internet.  I asked the security guy if he knew where the club was after I gave him the address.  I was presently suprised when he told me it was only about 8 blocks away and I could walk there.

 Around 12:30 AM, it was time to leave for the club--so I thought!

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