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Monday and back in Salvador.

What I cannot forget is the music.  I have mentioned before and I am mentioning it again.  Today I got up to the sound of the church bells.  If it was the church bells it would be the roosters at around 4 am.  After getting up it was time for a quick shower and doing my teeth.  I updated my diary for Saturday.  I like to not to get too many days behind or I know I will never update it.

Around 7 AM, I went downstairs and got my luggage out of the lockers that I had the storied.  Room I is alot smaller than the last room, but I will survive, since it is only for a few days.  I then got my cholthes ready for washing, and handed them to the staff.  Breakfast was differant today in that there was not that many people in the hostel.  Additionally, they had mangoes as one of the fruit that they offered. 

I called my friend about going out today.  She mentioned that she had not called the travel agent.  I told her that the bus left at 11 AM.  She mentioned that she needed to talk to the agent about that time.  I told her that she needed to talk care of business and that we might talk later.  Business before pleasure.  She agreeded.    Well that changed my plans for Monday.    I talked to the staff about adding my swimsuit to my chothles to be washed.  They told me they could not do it.  I still do not understand why they could not add it.  I do not know though if they wash it here or send it out.  Since they want to make money and have to wash bed covers every day, I suspect they wash onsite--to maximize profit.

Well it was time to book my next connection in Rio.  I went off to my internet place and did that there for an 1.5 hrs.  There was a small problem getting a connection and I had to change computers.  I also spoke to an australian who had one of the new mini-computers under $200.  She was running Windows on it.  She tried getting a wireless connection but could not.  She also could not get a connection using a wired connection.  After updating my blog--it was time to relax so I thought.

I went back to my hostel and descided to buy some gifts.  I went down to the Mecadeo and brought a couple of things.  I just wanted to get a feel of what was available.   I brought some t-shirts for approx $2/each.  Then I saw some more expensive and prettier shirts.  I also remembered that I was not buying gifts just to sit in my apt.  So this year fewer gifts.   There was this large doll, but I was not certain that I could carry it for the next 2 weeks.  Back in my room, I descided to take a nap.  An hour later--music flowing though my window, it was time to get up.  I went an played on the internet for awhile--OK--not very productive.   Then I had lunch at the same place that I had yesterday.  Alas--what I thought was beef was liver.  It was still nice though.  The price though could not be beat 13 reals.  I walked around and listened to some music for awhile.

Around 6 pm, I descided to swing in the hammock for a little while.  It was very relaxing--then a couple descided to watch tv.  I stayied for about 15 minutes and then it was time to get up.

Approx 7 PM, it was time to see what was happening around town.  I was not that hungry for a large meal and wanted something light.  I decesided on ice cream.  I found one person selling ice cream--but guess what--he had ran out and only had sticks.  Searching around I found this small lunchette that was open and had ice cream.  Now what flavors?  I decedied to pick 2 flavours and the cost was only 3.6 reals.  The man gave me a couple of samples and a lady helped me pick them.  After eating it---I was hooked. 

Around 8:30 pm, I descided to go to Clube de Sumba.  When I reached there--there was a small fight between two women and the tourist police showed up.  The place looked closed.  I waited around about 1/2 hr and then I could enter. 

The Club was about 1/2 full and it looked like mostly brazilians--but I did not care.  I was going to have a good night.  There was 1 mixed couple and they did not seem to be having a good time.  Yes--I was starting to read the body language and it reminded me of myself.  The guy was more interested in looking at the pictures than the girl and seem to be a little upset.   After some talking and three plus bottles of Skol, they were on talking terms.  She was flirting and dancing around his table--he did not want to dance.  In the back of the club, there was broken bottles and glasses and the staff were busy getting the place back together.  Even the staff could not help but dance to the music.  I did notice a woman from the hostel come into the hostel.  When I tried to speak with her, she could not understand even though I had heard her talk English a couple of hrs earlier.  One of the patrons I feel knew the group as he got up and performed with them.

11 PM and it was time to pay the bill.   Walking home---I realized black men get treated a little differant than if I was a lighter complextion.
By midnight--I was fast asleep and another day in Salvador had come to an end.




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