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Today, I got up late at approx 6:00 AM.  Alas it was too late to see the sunrise.  I went downstairs and saw that the tide was low.
Low tide is so much differant from high tide on the island.  I took pictures from 2nd, 3rd and 4th beach.  

Then it was breakfast time.  The owner again served breakfast to me--coffee, a jug of fruit juice, bread, cheese, ham, cake, coffee, milk, scammed eggs.  Breakfast here was one of the best that I have had so far on my trip.  Walking on the beach, I saw an early football game.  People were also going swimming even though the weather was not that great.  In the distance, I saw people getting ready to do my tour.  I wished them luck---with the weather.  Alas--it started to rain--but what can you expect on a tropical island.  You wait no more than 30 minutes, the rain slows down and you go out again.  I did however manage to catch a picture of the men transporting goods from the boat to the land--chest high in water.  I wonder who pays if they drop it?

I went to photograph the catamaran, but it had not came in.  There is a shop that gives you free internet for 5 minutes--i tried it out, but when I went it was down.  I then went back up and walked up to the Lighthouse.  Alas, you cannot see the beach from it.  Again it started to rain.

While waiting I meet up with my friend from London.  We chatted for a few minutes, and I gave her my internet mail address to give to Phillippe--i missed him yesterday night.  I don´t know if she gave him my address, but it was the best that I could do.  Since it was raining it was time for some internet.  I guess I was missing my craving.  I spent about 1 hr on the net--catching up. I did manage to catch a pictuire of my favorite restuarant.   Then it was time to finish packing.

2:00 PM--one last beer and it was time to hit the road.  Guess what---it started to rain again---but alas I had to brave it and keep going.  On the way to the docks-I saw other people braving the rain.  We we start--walk a little.  The rain would come down and then we would stop. 

2:30 PM--I was at the dock and it was time to pay the exit tax.  A couple of people were inline--and like a good london person--I was willing to wait.  A couple minutes later, and I was dry waiting for the catameran.  The docks though were busy with other people going to other places.   

At approx. 3 PM, the catarmeran came.  Alas--it had to wait for the other boats to leave.  The fumes from the boats---yuck!  On one boat--I saw someone have her life jacket put on--I hope that she did not have to use it.  :-)

The catarmeran was only 1/3 full with approx 40 people.  Drinking that beer did not seem such a good idea now.   Well--time for 1 more sea sickness pill.  I only wished that I had taken it an hour ago.  Well, I tried to sleep--but could not due to all the rocking of the boat.  I wondered to myself--did this boat have a radio in case we really needed it?  There it was!    I wonder what they would say if the captain lost the boat?  I did not really want to find out. 

About 1/2 way though we could see Salvador in the distance--but it looked very far.  I would continually look at my watch--and just pray that the time would just speed pass.    The crew put the Brazil football game on the tv.  I cheered when Brazil scored--the rest of the passengers were pretty emotionless.  I guess from all the rocking.  Before we knew it--it was 3-0 at half-time and we were still not near Salvador. 

Slowly it got darker--this was one place that I did not want to be at night!  Once we were past some lights--the captain put the metal to the thottle and we were safely docked within 15 minutes.  When we reached it was approx 6:30 PM, and another boat was docked to the left of us. 

I hurriedly went up to the upper level--I was a little afraid since they said not to use the Elavator late at night.  Soon--my hostel was in the distance.

After checking in, it was time for a quick shower.  The streets were rocking tonight.   Then it was fun trying to make a call.  First I had to buy a card.  Then, I had to dail it.  What I did not know, where the city code started and what numbers I needed to dial.  I managed to get a hotel staff to do this for me.  And guess what?  I was disconnected about 3 times before I could make plans with my friends from Lencois.

7:30 PM and my lencois friends came by the hostel.  We descided to go to Clube de Sumba.  It was just a short walk over the square from where I was staying.  We ordered some food and some Skol and it was time for some fun.  I had a great time there.  I did feel somewhat sorry for 1 lady, she was there all by herself.  I wanted to say hello--but it would have been inapporiate.  Well--I ended up paying--the girls did not have that much money.  Total cost for the night--30 reals--approx $14--I did not care.    What was differant was that I/paid the cover charge as we left the club.  They gave us a little card after we paid for the drinks.  This we had to show to the bouncer.

I did a little internet --then it was time for bed.

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