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Before I knew was approx 7 AM again and the sun was coming though curtain of the bus.  I wondered what time was breakfast after the little dinner that I had been given.  I saw people helping themselves to coffee and I helped myself.  I saw the attendant come, take coffee and pasteries and disappear.  I was not happy.

Around 8:30 AM, I was served breakfast.  It was food, that is all that I can say.  I meet a french lady who was very impressed with the service that she had gotten.  Same ride--two totally differant experainces. 

Before long, traffic started to get heavy and I knew we were getting close.  We were meant to get in at 9:30 AM, but we arrived a few minutes late approx 10 AM.  When travelling for 12 hrs and only 30 minutes late, I was impressed.  The driver did apologize for being late.

After getting my bags, it was time to get to the hostel. 

I was set upon by a person who wanted to offer me a ride to the hotel for 35 pesos.   Since I knew better, I had to decline.  After exiting the building, I was set upon by normal drivers---they offered me 30 pesos--I offered back 25 pesos.  One accepted and off we went. We chatted in broken spanish about the women and the city.  It was a nice warm day and I was liking the city.  Before I knew it--we were flashing pass the Presenditial House.  The driver corrected me and made certain that I knew that the President was a woman.  I could see some of the military in celemonary dress.  We were at the hostel.   Instead of wanting we had agreed, the driver wanted what the meter said approx 14 pesos--I gave him 20 pesos and told him to keep the change.  I lugged by bags up the stairs and I was at the hostel.

I was greeted with a warm smile and told that my bed was not ready.  I did not mind--I was not ready for sleep.  I was also told about a BBQ that they were having, and what my total might be.  I told them that I did not have the money yet, and that was no problem.  I was given a map of the city with the important highlights and invited to finish breakfast.  I did not have to be asked twice. 

Breakfast was some rolls and jam and some oranges.  I talked with a couple of lads, and then it was time to hit the street.  I made certain that I had the address of the hostel in my pocket--just in case.  I went down towards the Congress and took a few pictures.   Again--I wished I had my camera--but what could I do?  Nothing.

I then descided to head up 9th of July Anv.  which reminded me a little of manhatten as it was very busy.  There are tons of tourist shops and I popped into a few to see what was available.  There was tons of little stuff.  They would wait.  Going into a side street, I saw two men that looked like Charlie Chapin which I had to take a picture.  I was approched by a man about a possible Tango show later that night.  As the man led me into a building, but spider senses were ringing and telling me that this was not a good idea to do.  He was ahead of me--and I soon scooted outside of the buidling into waiting crowds.  After that encounter, it was time to head back to the hotel.

When I got back to the hotel, I asked them where was the American Airlines and ferry buidlings, which they kindly pointed out on my map and away I went.  Walking the street, I passed the main  Buquebus and walked to the ColoniaExpress building.  Colonia Express explained that they were all booked for Friday, but had 1 seat for Saturday.  Going to Buquebus--they just told me it would be approx 200 pesos for the high speed ferry.  What to do?  I walked back to the hostel and talked to the staff.  They suggested going on Friday since I would not want to be in Colonia over the weekend when there was alot to do over in Buenos Aires.  Instead of running right back out again, I descided to relax a little.  An hour later, it was off back to the office again, with credit card in hand.  When I got to the office, Colonia had already sold the ticket.  I descided just to wait and decide later what I was going to do.  I went to AA and they said that they had no space on the Monday flight, but had space on Tuesday..I just had to make up my mind what I wanted to do and the change would cost $150.  It was bank time--I took out 600 pesos and hopped it would be enough.

Back at the hotel, I talked with the staff and they said--why not book your trip online.  Why did I not think of that?  Thirty minutes later and getting help with the spanish forms, an e-ticket was in my yahoo account.  When I went to print it, alas--could not open the file.

Taking flash drive inhand--I went outside to the nearest internet place and printed the pdf files.  Internet access can be had for as little as 1.5 pesos an hour--I paid 2 this time.  Walking in the streets--I noticed a political demostration.  They had followed me from Brazil.  I took a few pictures of them.  As the crowd moved, the police shut Av.  De Mayo.  Once the crowd had passed, I walked into some of the side streets, but nothing too far away. 

Before I knew it, it was time 8 PM for dinner. 

Dinner was upstairs on the hostelĀ“s terrace overlooking BA.  Dinner was a typical Argentine BBQ, tons of meat and salad.  It also gave me a a chance to get to know the people in the hostel.  Good food and meeting new people.  By the time that dinner had ended, I was tired.  I spent a little time on the computer, then got ready for bed.  I was in Buenos Aires--time for some fun.




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