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It was time for a change.

At approx 7 AM, I descided to get up.  Yes I am an early bird. 

I got up and dressed and checked my email.  I then descided to update my travel blog from the past couple of days.  I also wrote what I felt about the Rio bamboo Hostel.  Not very happy. 

Then it was time to take a shower--note the word try.  When I turned the water on all I could get was cold water no matter what I did.  I turned the handles, this way, that way--no differance.  It was time for Help. 

I talked to the guard and told him about the problem.  He thought that I did not know how to turn the knobs.  But guess what--it was not the knobs that were having problem.  He tried it and guess what--still not happening.  He told me to wait till 9:00 AM when the regular staff started.  Also breakfast was not till 8:30 AM and I was not that happy.

The water did come on a little while later but I was not that happy.

Breakfast--ham, slice bread, coffee, some cake, etc, but my friend did not want anything but to leave.  We descided to leave at around 9:30 AM.  They did lose my deposit but the desk clerk found it.  I asked them to call for a cab and they were happy to comply.

Around 10 AM and we were in out new digs.  Not the best part of the beach area but alot bigger than the previous nights.  I agreed to pay the man later.

We then tried to catch the bus to see the bus statue.  There were some school girls who were out there that tried, but basically told us to take a taxi.  So off to the taxi ride we went.

About half hour later--we were at the base of the statue.  The taxi driver wanted another 30 reals--I think now he wanted it for the return trip but I could not understand him.  I brought two tickets and away we went up the rest of the mountain.  We ended up taking the vans up the mountain and not the train. 

It was foggy up on the statue and you could not see that far away, but just to be there put a smile on my face.  After a few pictures--my friend was ready to leave--but she knew that I like pictures so we took a few more. 

We tried to take the tram down, but they said that we did not have the right type of tickets--so it was back to the van.  A short ride later and we were back to were we started.  Now how to get off the statue.  We asked around--the taxi drivers wanted 60 reals to drive us back the way we had come--the way up had cost us 20 reals.  After some bargaining--it was agreed to pay 30 reals to take us down to Saint tererese--from there we could catch a bus/metro.

On the way down--the driver did stop for me to take pictures.  My friend really did not like me taking too many pictures.  Before long though we were back in traffic. 

Once we we stopped it we were at the Catherderal. It reminded me of my trip to the Yutactan a  few years ago.  And yes I had to get a few pictures.  It was then I noticed that my friend´s camera was only had 70+ pictures in it--so I could not take that many pictures.  A few pictures later we were done.
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