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My last day in Salvador ended like my first, but I was not to know that till about 11 AM.

The day began will rain!  Not little rain a very hard rain thoughout the night which woke me up.  The rain had kind of stopped at around 7 AM, but it was very cloudly.  Not the day to be taking pictures.  But what could I do? 

I stayed in bed till around 7:45 AM thinking about the little things that I had to get done today.  This was my last day.  I was going to miss Salvador.  My camera and pictures that were stolen I missed.  The music--I could only have what I could remember---but I was in for a suprise.

Breakfast was nothing to write home about.  I thought it was OK--about a 5/10.  I just missed having eggs, and not even having pineapple in all the days that I had stayed at the hostel.  What could I do. 

Around 9 AM, the sun had come out and it was time to start taking pictures.  Alas--I was going to have ration the picture taking since I only had 2 disposible cameras.

I took pictures of the main square and before I knew it, 9 pictures and 1 one camera was full.  I now only had 27 pictures for the whole day.  I then took some pictures of the other square and went down the Elevator.  I then took pictures up towards the elevator and the Mercado  Modelo.  I thought abou taking pictures with the lady in the Big Dress overlooking the Bay, but someone was gardening and descided to wait a little bit.

Down by the streets, election campaigns were going on.  There were people in the streets waving their flags and moving their bodies to the music.  It reminded me, that when I first came to Salvador there was an election party going on, now as I was leaving there was another.  Brazilian elections and the way people campaign reminded me of the presidential elcetions in the US.  The differance--no-one in the streets dances to the music.   Music seems to be in every aspect of brazilian culture.  Everyone was hopping to the music.

Well pictures taken it was time to head up to my hostel.  On the way to the hostel, I saw that the guy had finished gardening, so I took the picture.  I also saw the ladies with thier white dress and they agreed to have their picture taken with me.  They wanted 10 reals each..I only had about 8 reals and gave it to them to split between four.

Next door to the hostel there is a shop that I had never gone into.  Today, I changed that.  There were some german folks taking pictures with her and I wanted a picture.  Using hand motions, I explanied that my camera had been taken--she was sad.  She agreed to take a picture.  The shop was selling typical but more expensive t-shirts, etc that I had already brought.  They did offer some beer and water to drink--guess what I drank.

Back in the hostel--the camera was locked away. 

About an hour later--it  was time to go back down to the Mecado for the dolls that I really wanted.  I could have gotten all of the same, but I wanted somthing a little differant--each one was.  I managed to bargain her down till approx 6 reals per doll--I did buy ten.  I also picked up a fridge magnet.

Around 2:30 PM, it was ice cream time again.  I had the salesperson give me two samples to taste but I went with the same flovers that I did on Monday night.  I loved it again.  Approx 3:30 PM--it was time for the big dolls and down to the Mecadeo for the last time.  The woman there bargained very hard.  I brought two 12 inch dolls and I was done.

Around 5:00 PM, I descided to take a walk around the center--I knew that it would be probably the last time that I walked around it in day light.   In the square there were some people doing caperioa.  One person wanted me to buy his DVD--I told him that I would be back. On the way I meet the person who I had brought my paintings from--she was busy with a customer.  I waited for her to finish and then asked her if I could take a picture.  Somehow--I managed to get her to see that I had lost my camera and that I only wanted 1 picture.  She allowed me to take it.

As I was walking  I saw two museums. One was an art galley which was very good.  Another museum had a lot of musical instruments.  I saw alot of the intruments that I had seen played in Salvador.  I also took a couple of scenic pictures.    I also popped into a capoeira school--there were some women students.  I wanted to go back a bit later to see the show, but events prevented me from returning.

I went to Senac for dinner, at approx 6:00 PM.  Alas, I was told that they were not open till 6:30 PM.  I went back to the hostel.

At approx 6:30 PM, it was back down to Senac for dinner.  I will do a write up of that a little later.  After dinner it was 7:30 PM and time to see what was happening.  Back in the main square,  the main stage had been set up and people were listening to the music.  Also there were alot of people from a political party.  There was a good drum group, playing.  I also saw some good capoeria being donw.  Then a presidental candidate came..and and there was loud cheering from his supporters.  I stayed for about 5 minutes, since there was alot of talking and I wanted some action. 

Down one street and guess who was playing--Dida.  The god's have shinned on me.  I took some pictures with my pictures and just wished that I could have captured some video.  There will probably be some video on ytube if you are interested.  Everyone in the area was just rocking to the music and the singing.  Dida changed singers and the crowd just rocked to the music.  Everyone was having a great time.  A man was weaving in and out of the group.  About every 10/15 minutes--someone from the group would come out for donations--i donated.  I just felt to be so luckly.  The girls and women were just rocking to the music, sweating and having fun.  Alas--by 9 PM their free performance had come to an end.  I can only think what it must be like in Dec/Jan. when they really have to perform.

It was time for some fun--but before more fun it was time for more ice cream.  This time I did not even kid the man as to what I wanted.  I was happy to eat my ice cream.

Then it was time to see some new jazz at another square.  The band was very good.  I was meant to see them last week, but I did not mind seeing them this time.  This group played some more music for about another hour.  People were drinking and smoking--pot, but were having a good time.  Every now and again though there would be a little downpour and then it would stop.

My last place was a Samba place.  The music again was rocking.  People were dancing.  There was this one woman who had to be 9/10 and dancing with no-one.  She got noticed.  I showed hand signals that I thought that she was very hot.  A guy thought she was hot as well and asked me did I wanted to be introduced to her.  He even brought a friend over who could speak English and asked me what I wanted.  I said nothing.   The girl had mentioned that she wanted to just to dance with another guy.  I ordered a couple of beers and I was in heaven.  Everywhere there were people who were tackling the beer bottles and cans--they are worth money in Brazil.  I saw someone who looked familiar but could not quite place.

At my hostel--I saw the couple at my hostel and that was where I knew them from.  A spent a couple of hours on the internet finish off my blog.  I thought about staying up all night--but I was too tired--sleep was calling my name.  It was time to spend about 1/2 hr packing my suitcases.

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