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After going to bed late, do you think that I wanted to get up at 7 AM--Nope.  But that is what happened since I went to bed late.

The night security guard came and made certain that I was awake at about 7 AM.  A quick shower and it was time to go.   Alas--no time to eat breakfast and I was abit hungrey.

The taxi driver was honest--15 minutes later and I was at the boat station.  I paid him 20 pesos even though it said about 13 pesos on the meter.  

The station was pretty busy with people waiting to catch the ferry or cat over to Colonia.  Where do I go?  I looked at my paper ticket and it really did not tell me what to do.  So off to boarding I went.  After going though the scanners and waiting for immigration, I was told that I needed a boarding pass.

  So back downstairs I went.  There were about 10 ticket counters which were pretty busy--but I had enough time to wait.  About 15 minutes later--I had my boarding pass and custom form.  Then I realized that I did not have a pen to fill in the paperwork.  A nice couple lent me thier pen.  A couple of passport stamps later and I was on the ferry.

The ferry was larger than I thought that it would be.  There were at least a few hundred people on the ferry.  There were a couple of places that you could get something to eat.  There were plenty of seats and lifejackets under the seats.  Around 9 AM, the ferry pulled out--and to the ocean we headed.  Seeing BA from the river, was a very nice experiance.

   I  saw a couple of navel ships in the harbour and it reminded me of the Falklands War.

To  temper my hunger, it was time to eat.  I purchased a couple of meat pies and a sandwich.  I thought about a beer, but since I had alre adready taken a sea sickness pill I did not think that would be a great idea.  Now was the time to catch up on some of those zzzz´s.  Seat back--I slept for the next 3 hrs. 

Before I knew it--we were at the terminal and it was time to disembark.  We went down this windy enclosure before coming to customs.  With no lugguge --I spent no time in customs and I was in another country.  Looking around there were buses waiting  for people who had signed up for the day tour.

   There was new construction for a new terminal that they were building.  I could see the lighthouse in the distance--who needed a bus?

Letting my feet do the walking--I walked along the sea front and soon found some souvnier shops.  I descied to wait a little before I purchased anything.

Since I had not eaten any breakfast expect for the sandwich on the ship I was a little hungrey and started looking for places to eat.  I saw an outside place which looked pretty nice and decided to eat there.  There were about 10-15 people in the resturant when I arrived.  I ordered some grilled chicken, fries and a beer.  It was very nice since as I was eating I could see people walking along the square.  Towards the end of my meal, about 6 Americans sat next to me and started their lunch.


From where I had been sitting, there was a lighthouse there dominated the square which was my next destination.  I payed I think about $1 and up to the top I went.  At the top there is a commanding view of the whole square and in the distance you could Buenos Aires and the ferry port.  A fireman was waiting ontop of the lighthouse just to make certain that someone did not do anything crazy.  It was so nice just to take in the view and relax.  Since I am a little scared of heights a few minutes of just a rail infront of me convinced me it was time to see more of Colonia, so down I came.  During the middle of lighthouse--I stopped to scream--Viva the Revolution.

Next place to hit--was the church.  The historic part of Colonia is very small.

  Afterthat, I was on the mainstreet. 

Just strolling on the main street, I went to a grocery store to get something to drink--and purchased a 2L bottle of soda and some cookies. I then came across an ice cream shop.  Hot sun equals ice cream and their prices reflected it.  The price of ice cream was nearly $2 for 2 scoops--but it tasted oooh so good. 

Walking back towards the historic district, I then got some refrigerator magnets and other nicknacks.  I wondered down a side alley and I was at the docks.  There was a couple selling homemade jewerly.  The view also was not bad.

At one store, I saw a t-shirt that I thought my brother may like.  They wanted $10.  I knew then that Colonia was too expensive for me.

  It was not as though I did not have the money.  But in their money--200 pesos  was too much.  Outside of the store--I greeted three black women.  They were the first that I seen on the island.  It turned out they were students on a daytrip from BA, who were homesteading.  I found out the school brought about 100 tickets on the fast ferry and was one of the reasons that Colonia Express had been sold out.  We chatted for a few and they mentioned a club that I should try out.   A school tour passed us, and some of the kids started pointing at us--I guess they never see Afro-americans.  Around 5 PM, they went off to buy ice cream and meet up with some of their friends.

At around 5:30 PM, I descided it was time for some last ice cream.

  When I got to the shop, there was tons of schoolkids in little kitchen uniforms eating sundies.  The kids were getting the Sundies everywhere.  This time I took a lot less time ordering and trying out differant types of sundies.

Now it was time to head to the ferry.  Where was the ferry again?  I just headed for the Lighthouse.    Once I saw the lighthouse, I saw some tourists with daypacks heading in a direction and I just followed.  Five minutes later I was at the Ferry port.

This time I knew that I had to get my boarding pass.  He told him I had an e-ticket and handed him my passport.  A few mins. later I had my boarding pass. 

The line to go though immigration was quite long and I was glad that I was there early.

  I was not certain if I was early though since looking at the wall, it seemed as though there was a time differance between Colonia and BA.  With all the people inline--I thought that I was OK.  When I got to the immigration person, they asked for a piece of paper that I had gotten when we had left the port.  I did not know that I was meant to keep it.  Luckly for me--I found it pretty easy.   Bang, bang and my passport had 1 less page. 

Around 7 PM, the ferry departed.  I slept most of the way back to BA--I was tired from the early days that I had.  Seeing lights of Buenos Aires from the river--breathtaking.

Around 10 PM, it was figuring out how much the ride was going to cost.  I agreed to pay 25 pesos even though I knew it was under a 15 pesos ride--he did want 35 to begin with.  This driver did not put on the meter and I was too tired.

By midnight I was in bed and falling asleep.  There were no thoughts about going out.



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