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The reason for cycling in the first place was that been out of work, i couldnt afford the petrol to go about the country like usual.. i didnt have the money for the trains either, but that poses no problem if you know how to blag your way through. As i arrived at London Liverpool Street station I sat on the train as the others all crowded off of the train. The reason been i left it a few minutes to give the excuse that i cant find my wallet.

Fortunately the gate was open and noone was standing there so i simply walked on through. Once outside, i slowly rode along towards St.Pauls Cathedral where some film was been done as the public were stopped getting anywhere near it. I crossed the Thames via the Millenium footbridge and followed the river along past the Tate modern and all the posh riverside restauraunts. I must say, dressed up like GI Joe around this area did make me feel a bit of a twat. Still, being almost indifferent to a soldier, you also get admiring glances from many young ladies which was nice :D

I arrived at Waterloo station where I hung about the platform 6 to Salisbury until the last minute (quite literally) then as soon as the ticket inspectors back was turned i made a bee-line to the train.

Shortly after the train begun moving a woman came up to me and asked me for my ticket. Keeping calm i began searching for my ticket (which was non-existant.) "Oh shit!" I exclaimed, "Ive left my wallet on the bench in Waterloo". Without giving the woman a chance to explain about what would happen without a ticket i asked her to get in touch with Waterloo, giving such detail about where it was last seen (combined with world-class acting) that she had no choice but to believe me and pity me...  The worlds best blagger was on his way to Salisbury without having paid a penny.

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photo by: ulysses