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That's what it looked like in the train to Karlsruhe. It was so overcrowded that I had to stand around all the way from Frankfurt to Karlsruhe...:-/
Finally, my two-week trip to my hometown is over and I'm back at Karlsruhe again.

On my last day in Krakow, I used the morning to visit the museum of Archeology, as I stood there in front of closed doors the day before. It turned out to be a good idea, because the exhibition was very intresting and lovingly arranged. Later on, I got myself some rose sorbet for the last time (although I could have emptied the whole container in the cafe^^)

Having arrived at my aunt'sI started to pack my stuff. Gosh, 17 kg...and I still had to carry all the luggage to the 4th floor :-/ The rest of the time I just sat around and waited. Then finally, we drove to the airport. At the check-in, it started with the band-conveyers not working, so that I feared to arrive even later (the scheduled arrival time in Dortmund was at 21.45). If that should happen, my brother would have killed me at the airport, as he had to leave two hours earlier for me, because it's about 250 km from my parents' to the airport. However, I was already missing all I was about to leave behind me - two special persons in particular - so I think I even wouldn't have minded if the flight had been cancelled. But this remained only a silent wish - the plane left as planned (luckily together with my luggage - I don't trust the organisation at Balice). After that I spent a day with my family and then went on to Karlsruhe.

Having towed all the 17 kg upstairs, I opened the door to a cold, dark and empty appartment. In addition, after two weeks of sunshine and almost 20 degrees, on Sunday night it it got terribly cold, started to rain and from then on it hasn't really stopped until now.
The mix of all that has made me almost depressive and wishing myself back that it almost lacerates my heart. However, I'm back and have to adept myself now into the everyday life here. So from tomorrow on I'll buck up - at least the next Salsa Festival is already waiting for me and a friend, with whom I'm going there :-)

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Thats what it looked like in the …
That's what it looked like in the…
photo by: Ann_Hells