Kazimierz, Salsa at the Masada and the world's best cherry wodka

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One of the run down buildings in Kazimierz, which make the ambience
Today, I started to feel that my legs aren't used to these long-lasting walks. Maybe I should call at a masseur's^^
Nevertheless, I made a walkabout from the Bagatela-theatre along the Planty to Kazimierz.
As Kazimierz is still the district concerning pubs and overall nightlife, it is much more lively in the evening. But I wanted to explore the 'Jewish' Kazimierz and the outcome were some nice pics and the detection of a wonderful small cafe, which I will visit again for sure (see the review). After a moment of hesitation I decided to stop there for a coffee as it looked somehow intresting. Having entered it, I was welcomed by the song "As time goes by" from the album Rythm del mundo. It matched perfectly to the overall interior of the location so I asked the guy behind the bar whether he also dances salsa and if he could recommend where to go best to dance.
The Old Synagogue in Kazimierz
His answer: To me! Well, it came out, that he was the owner and was not only dancing salsa but even was a dancing master:-) It's a real pity that I'm here for only two weeks...^^

Please excuse if there should be any mistakes in my following writing - my uncle has just treated me to some of his self made cherry wodka as a warm up for the party later ;-)...gosh, there's no better in the world!! No artificial flavor, no nothing, just alcohol and fruit.  And the peach wodka is already waiting to be finished...can't wait to try it out.
Well, after all, food is one of the things, which I'm looking forward most when I'm going to Poland. So here's a list of my favourite Polish food & drinks:
2. Pastry made of yeast dough with curd or blueberries
Yummy! ^^
Rose sorbet
4. Krakowian obwarzanki
5. Krakowian zapiekanki
6. Pickled gherkins
7. All kinds of pierogi
8. Polish sausages
9. Żurek
10. Barszcz czerwony
11. Polish beer (especially Tyskie and Okocim)

In the evening I went to the Masada as some of the guys advised me to do. Having arrived there, I met one of them and it came out, that he lives just one floor above my place - how small the world can be!
It took a bit until the party really started. Maybe this was because all the people sat there in groups and danced only with each other at the beginning. But after a while it became really cool. I just still can't get used to the different style of music, but tastes differ.
At the end, it was shortly before 1 am when we left and even on the way back the party went on. Thanks god the streets were empty at this time^^
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One of the run down buildings in K…
One of the run down buildings in …
The Old Synagogue in Kazimierz
The Old Synagogue in Kazimierz
Yummy! ^^
Yummy! ^^
The Church of Corpus Christi and t…
The Church of Corpus Christi and …
The Church of Corpus Christi
The Church of Corpus Christi
The Szeroka street
The Szeroka street
A luthier in Kazimierz - wouldnt …
A luthier in Kazimierz - wouldn't…
Rockin the dancefloor :o)
Rockin' the dancefloor :o)
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