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After not having made it to an amusement park for two years, I was excited to be going on my second visit of the summer. This destination however was a lot closer to home than Disneyland Shanghai. I would be going back to Kennywood, this time with a high school. This would also be Becky's first trip to the park.

Becky met me at my house and from there it was about 1 1/2 hours to the park. We got there around noon and found a spot in the free lot. Since we are both teachers and had school the next day (along with some work to get done before arriving at work), we only had the afternoon--about four hours--at Kennywood. Becky was interested in the thrill rides so we did our best to get several of those in.

  • Sky Rocket--our first ride. This roller coaster is right by the entrance. We had a short wait before sitting in the chair-like rows and being blasted up into the sky. I actually closed my eyes for the first upward push which is pretty rare for me. I then spent the rest of the ride screaming but enjoying it even the part where we were sideways.
  • Racer--our car won
  • Log Jammer--we didn't get very wet which was awesome
  • Aero 360--we sat near some very friendly riders. I preferred the first half when I went upwards facing forwards more than the second half when I went upwards in a backwards motion
  • Thunderbolt--still a favorite of mine. The curving part caught Becky off-guard. Then as we were riding through the little hills, she definitely yelled that she was getting too old for this :)
  • French fry snack break
  • Black Widow--this one had our longest wait. It also got to me. The beginning was fine but as we swung higher, my restraint started to move a tiny bit at the top of each pendelum swing. Even though logically I knew I was fine, it freaked me out to keep moving each time we reached the zenith of an arc. My eyes were shut tight and I was not screaming for probably of a third of the ride to keep from really freaking out.
  • Phantom's Revenge--an awesome steel coaster. The first drop is not the worst one....
  • Merry-Go-Round--a calm ride to wrap up our afternoon
I enjoyed my time although there were certainly rides I would've liked to have had the time to ride. I also noticed that several of the food vendors had moved around although it didn't affect my navigating around the park really.
We didn't have much trouble finding Becky's car. There was some traffic leading up to the Fort Pitt tunnel but Becky navigated it well. A quick dinner at Panera wrapped up the day.
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