Lazy day (Got to have them in oz too )

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Very Lazy Day. Went for a run on the beach, and that evening got pizza (was fantastic ) i was wrecked and fell asleep the lads went to see the pool game.


got some hair dye and pimped out Paul and Derek, (ma or Lorraine,aggie I did not do the hairdresser nation proud) thought how could i get this wrong but I did,   I mixed the blonde powder stuff with the conditioner cream (accident i swear) and only realised when i had the other bottle i was meant to put in first in my hand. Then i said what the hay mixed the last bottle in with the conditioning cream and powder and mixed it up ha.

i put the lot in pauls hair cos was going to bee in his hair anyway ha. didn’t turn out quite the way it looked on the bottle but close enough ha

then decided to put streak through Derek’s hair (in case he ever got lost he'd stand out a mile ha)

that night we went to the tea garden for a few, i nearly fell asleep in my drink and off my stool (i was wrecked) but got to sneak out a glass from the place though ha

tusharsharma says:
Brilliant Blogs Lou...keep em comin...seems like u r avin a lot of fun...hws d weather down ther?? Pass on my regards 2 d rest...Enjoy!!!
Posted on: Nov 05, 2008
paulgalv says:
Lovin the blogs lou, sounds like ye'r havin a ball!! was up in claireys house reminiscin lookin at photos from the last few years...if ye have half the craic we all had in them photos ye'l be sorted! missin ye for the drinkin games....oh n heard madden got his ear stop home and away extra!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2008
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